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[Sale Alert] All threadless t-shirts now on sale for $12! (0)

Published on August 25th, 2008. By

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The Threadless 2 Cool 4 School sale is on NOW! All tees are only $12 and that includes Select and Kids tees as well! All Prints are only $25! All hoodies, zip-ups, and long sleeves are at special prices as well! And just for this grand occasion, 18 brand new designs and 18 classic Threadless reprints have been unveiled for your enjoyment with more to come!

Ghost in the Machine t-shirt design by Threadless (0)

Published on August 18th, 2008. By

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Clever idea using the glow ink, i just wonder how often people will see my design in the dark?

Dale Murray has a threadless sub – voting ends today (0)

Published on August 14th, 2008. By

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I previously featured the work of Dale Murray

who now has a threadless submission up for vote. Unfortunately the voting ends today (my fault for not catching it) but this artist is worth your attention. Go vote and show your support. Also check out Dale Murray’s portfolio for some other great designs.


How ironic? Foam Monster gets a print @ threadless (0)

Published on August 11th, 2008. By

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On August 7th I made a post

regarding designs that need to be printed but haven’t been picked up yet. This foam monster design was one of them. I am so glad to see one of my picks get printed. Congratulations to the artist.

by Aled Lewis

aka fatheed

This cat’s eyes are bigger than its stomach (0)

Published on August 11th, 2008. By

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Love the original koi design turned into something different.

Great job by xiaobaosg

Go vote!


The Big Catch - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Shelf Life – A truly unique threadless submission (0)

Published on August 11th, 2008. By

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Usually not the fan of dead things, or (somewhat) morbid designs but this one is nicely done and I am sure it would appeal to a lot of buyers out there. Just not sure if it’s right for threadless? maybe DBH? will see how the scoring does

by lofty softy

check out the submission page for placement and black & white version.


Face of a fousand fists – A "Woah" threadless submission (0)

Published on August 8th, 2008. By

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From new artist Jotalele

– Can you believe this is his first threadless submission? Nicely done, though I would love to see different color examples. $5 for me!


46 total threadless and design by humans submissions that should be printed (0)

Published on August 7th, 2008. By

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Only a small portion of the designs I blog about actually get printed. So in order to spotlight the designs (I’ve blogged about) that haven’t been printed yet – I have create this nice little list. Keep in mind some of these are newer and still being scored.

Threadless submissions:


2 3 4 5 6


8 9 10 11 12


  14 15 16 18 19


  21 22 23 24 25


  27 28 17

Design by Humans submissions:


30 31 32 33 34


  36 37 38 39 40


42 43 44 45 46

GuitarFawn – A beautiful threadless submission by artist fawnfruits (0)

Published on August 7th, 2008. By

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GuitarFawn - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Amazing artist collaboration up for vote @ threadless (0)

Published on August 7th, 2008. By

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A joint colab from artist madelynlove

and Taddict fav huebucket .

The Last Life Diamond


The Last Life Diamond - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

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