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Ten Bills – A Bird In Hand (0)

Published on August 6th, 2009. By

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The last t-shirt spotlight I did was on the company Ten Bills

and it featured one of their logo shirts. Well, they sent me two shirts and you know what that means…two posts. In this post I wanted to spotlight another one of their t-shirts called “A Bird In Hand .”




A Bird In Hand is a pretty popular design and there’s a good chance that you might have seen this design elsewhere on the internet if you visit a lot of t-shirt related sites. As you can see the t-shirt features a robot and birds – two of the most popular images in today’s t-shirt design world. What makes this t-shirt so unique is the level of detail in the robot.




I love the red eye and transmitting antenna on the robot’s back. The fact that they added another color for these small details really stands out to me. The other interesting detail with this design is that there are ten birds on the shirt which is meant to represent ten bills. This is a cool, quality design and a great example of the kind of shirts Ten Bills produces.

Sintient Apparel Featuring Einstein’s Dank (0)

Published on June 18th, 2009. By

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As a t-shirt blogger, I get a lot of e-mails from brand new clothing lines, existing lines, and clothing lines that have been in the game for a long time. For those that I’ve never heard of and have never seen, I make the time to look at every one of them. I’m always looking for something different and/or high quality. It doesn’t even have to fit in within my own personal style because I have learned to appreciate creativity and top-notch printing.

This is the case with Sintient Apparel

. I checked the brand out and instantly knew it wasn’t my style but at the same time knew I had to get my hands on one. Einstein’s Dank was definitely a print that I had to see in person. I initially had the feeling it was going to be a design that looked great on the computer but couldn’t possibly be executed 100% onto the t-shirt. I couldn’t have been any more wrong.




The concept of Albert Einstein smoking an atomic mushroom cloud will probably stir up a lot of debate with opponents/proponents of nuclear bombs. No need for the T Addict to get deep, I’ll leave that up to the scholars. What I will do is tell you that this oversized print with full bleed and a ton of halftones was masterfully done.



Taking the easy way out would have been printing this image in black on a white t-shirt. This is almost the exact opposite. The design is done in shades of khaki/tan and it doesn’t show any of the typical muddy spots associated with a photograph print. They did this on a black t-shirt, the most difficult of them. And yet, somehow they maintained all the detail without losing any of the quality.


Sintient offers one other shirt at post time featuring Buddha puffing away with birds as the smoke. Again, not my cup of tea, but I can assure you the print is as good as it gets. Each shirt goes for $30 and is a good buy if you want to stir up some controversy and start some conversations.

Finally it wouldn’t be a t-shirt spotlight without showing you my weak noodle of an arm.


410 B.C. Will Make You Stare (0)

Published on May 11th, 2009. By

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“Don’t look too closely at this shirt, or you might turn to stone.” By the looks of it, you might think that the T Addict has already turned to stone with those rocks for arms. Ha! I kid, I kid. But seriously though, the Medusa is one cool shirt sent to me by 410 B.C.

If you haven’t heard of the brand 410 B.C., then you might just be a caveman/woman yourself. These guys burst onto the scene in 2008 and haven’t stopped running since. Their look is fresh, mixed in with a little punk. They also do a great job of being connected with their fan base by running a tight little blog and having outposts on all the big social sites.

I was fortunate enough to open a package the other day and find The Medusa

. The shirt is slick! It comes in my favorite color tee, black, and has appropriately subdued printing colors with shades of gray.

The shirt fit great and the oversized printing is pretty awesome. No wonder these cats were considered one of the best young brands of the year in 2008

by The Art of Apparel.

You know I had to flex or you wouldn’t have known how well the shirt fit.  :-) .

410 B.C. has a lot of good things going for them. They’ll definitely stay on our radar because they are continually putting out new gear and hustlin’ all over the web.

Annual Apparel’s 2008 T-Shirt (0)

Published on April 21st, 2009. By

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This post has been a long time coming. Annual Apparel

was nice enough to send the T Addict a sample of their 2008 t-shirt design and I have been wanting to post about it ever since. For those of you who are not familiar with the brand, their theme is to capture each year in a tee design based on that year’s pop references and headlines. It seems to be a catchy little niche because everybody has a special affinity for particular years in their life.

It’s easy to say that 2008 was a very pivotal year for many different reasons. The most obvious being the election of our new president, Barack Obama. We also had the Olympics, the impending financial crisis, and gas prices at an all-time high. But don’t let me get ahead of myself, there is a lot to be seen here.

First off, the sample shirts sent to me was printed on a vintage heather P.E. tee. The shirt is very comfortable, just like you would expect, but be careful on the sizing. The good news is, they warn you of that when you’re making your purchase on their site. Incidentally, because of the sizing, this will be the first t-shirt that I review while wearing. I thought you guys might want to see the T Addicts guns for once.  ;)

And now for the big unveiling:

The design itself is appropriately busy with a montage of pop-culture references from last year. We have the Giants beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Michael Phelps from the Olympics, Wall Street going down in a blaze of glory, the iPhone, Sarah Palin and John McCain, the Boston Celtics winning the NBA title, foreclosure signs, and an image of Heath Ledger as the Joker. There’s probably even a few more that I’m missing:

They kept the back simple with an outer tag of the Annual Apparel logo:

All in all, cool concept and great execution. Good job Annual Apparel.

Junk Food is SOOOOO Soft (0)

Published on March 9th, 2009. By

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A soft that can only be a result of years and years of wash and wear.  A soft where the ink feels like a part of the fabric and begins to crack in the places that add character to the design.  I am describing to you what a lot of people have made a staple in their t-shirt collection… vintage tees.  These are most commonly found at second-hand thrift shops and typically have some old school, obscure print like an 80′s hair band tour design.  These can be purchased for as little as a dollar and sometimes even up to a couple hundred dollars.  The downside to spending so much is that you get a used t-shirt worn by someone you didn’t know and sometimes there are reminders with the shirts.  Reminders like stains, odors, stretched areas, etc.

What if you could buy shirts like this that are just as soft, just as cracked, and still have a trendy old-school print on them?  Enter Junk Food Clothing

.  They recently sent me two tees to check out and I haven’t been able to take them off since.

I didn’t know what shirts were sent and it was funny to see the old Houston Oilers light blue when I broke open the package. The other tee brought me back to my childhood with Gargamel’s ugly mug printed on the front.  Included with the package was a little handwritten note on a themed card that was definitely an extension of the brand.

The Gargamel shirt was everything that a vintage humorous tee should be.  The colors and the print matched flawlessly to the fade in the pigment of the shirt.  You get the feeling the shirt was originally black, and after years of wear, it lost some color.  The only difference is, this shirt has never been washed or worn. They have perfected the science of creating vintage tees that have never been worn.

Junk Food opts for the sewn in label, and this is probably because the shirts are so thin that an inside print could possibly be seen from the outside.

Now onto my fave.  I was cheesin’ from ear to ear when I saw the original Houston Oilers tee. The only thing missing was a Christmas tree because it felt that good getting this shirt.  The light blue was just like I remember and the design was intentionally simplified to stay true to the design of the era.  Those are details that make the difference.

The cool thing about the actual print was how the coverage of the ink was so light, that it allowed the shirt to come through.  However, it was still dark enough to be very visible.  Needless to say, the shirts are a hit.

Junk Food

is carried in retail stores across the country and with select online retailers. You will find this kind of quality in every shirt they print.  Believe me, these tees are just as comforting as real junk food.

If you are launching a new line or just a new product in an already existing line, contact the Taddict

on how to send in a t-shirt for review.

Headline Shirts Rock On (0)

Published on March 1st, 2009. By

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Discharge ink is the new black. And let me tell you what is blacker than that….printing discharge ink on black t-shirts. Headline Shirts knows this all to well with the production of their “Time to Rock” tee

. The hand is so soft on the print that I’ve considered using it as a pillowcase some nights. Jake from Headline Shirts kindly sent the Taddict the shirt so we could inspect it up close and personal.

The letter he included with the shirt (nice touch!) waxed about a vintage wash and extra softening and basically made me a skeptic. I knew the American Apparel shirt wouldn’t disappoint and then I became a believer because the softness of the print went “hand in hand” with the fabric. Get it….”hand in hand”. Yeah, still not funny.

Anyways…I didn’t know what route I was going to take on this tee review because I think the design is just as cool as the print. The subtle visual references to the rocks of old make you want to rock out with your shirt tail out. What did you think I was going to say?

Take a look at the packaging and it’s contents.

I just can’t get enough of the design.

And you can’t have a soft shirt with a tag scratchin’ your neck. The custom screen printed label should be a mandatory addition to every line.

Headline Shirts is a full fledged line and has a lot to choose from. If I haven’t sold you on this shirt, then head over to their shop to check their other options.

If you are launching a new line or just a new product in an already existing line, contact the Taddict

on how to send in a t-shirt for review.

Miles to Go Is Already There (0)

Published on February 16th, 2009. By

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So you think you’re tired of skull t-shirts? it’s probably because you’re just tired of seeing the same old ones.  I had one sent in to me that’s impossible to not like.  Miles To Go Clothing

was generous enough to give us the Muerte Dulce and the shizz is LEGIT.  The first thing the Taddict thought when opening the package was “what?!?”. It was better than I had expected.

For starters, I’m a sucker for oversized prints.  This design brought new meaning to oversized.  Not only that, they ventured out and used discharge ink’s to accomplish the color.  Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me show you the obligatory picture of what was included in the package.

They included their free stickers and threw in a coupon to foster repeat business.  Mixing in promo codes with your product is something important that most people are not doing.  It could be just enough influence for the next purchase.  It’s a great way to create fans of your product by making it easy for them to purchase from you again.

The skull artwork is obviously the focal point and deserves to be with the popular ornamental design details.  The colors go together beautifully between the print and the black t-shirt and kind of reminds me of a tattooed style.

You know the Taddict is all about the details and these were not forgotten on this.  It featured a custom sewn-in label with the Miles to Go brand and a hang tag for some polish.

All in all, this clothing company has a bright future as far as I’m concerned.  It is both high quality and high cool.  I want to share the promo code of friends to save you 20% off on your next purchase.  In fact, do that now.

If you are launching a new line or just a new product in an already existing line, contact the Taddict

on how to send in a t-shirt for review.

Addict Clothing X Hung By Thread (0)

Published on February 9th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Spotlight .

Streetwear is alive and kicking in Australia and Hung By Thread

is a big reason for it.  They contacted the Taddict in early January and offered to send us one of their shirts.  We jumped at the chance because many of the brands they carry are top-notch and fashion forward.  Just the fact that they offered to send us a t-shirt from the land of Oz to the great states ought to make you realize just how hard peeps are hustlin’ these days.

We picked a shirt from the Addict brand for obvious reasons.  Doesn’t it seem fitting?  According to the Hung by Thread website, Addict is a British streetwear brand

started in 1994.  We received the shirt and couldn’t have been more impressed, from the packaging, the print, and all of the details.  Don’t believe it? Keep reading then because we got pics to prove it.

The parcel package was pretty funny because of all the markings from the long journey to the Taddict’s offices.

We did receive the obligatory stickers, and that is not a detail that should be taken for granted.  It’s an added bonus that you never expect when you open a package.  I’ve seen this done by many different companies, and I’ll always comment on it because it’s “above and beyond”.  The t-shirt also came individually wrapped in a branded plastic bag to fend off the nastiness that shipping can bring.

The amount of finished details in the product was pretty amazing.  It started with the jumbo print being over 23 inches tall and included sewn in labels with a nice hang tag.  These parts add to the professionalism and overall quality.

Another thing that surprised me when seeing the shirt in person was that it’s definitely a cut and sew.  The print was underneath the stitching and the side slits had fabric taping.

Lastly, the back to the t-shirt had a smaller, more subtle single color print.  If you learn one thing from this tee review, it’s that Hung by Thread is for real and they’re not afraid to show it.