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Flying Coffin X Manik Skateboards (0)

Published on January 12th, 2009. By

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I just came across a t-shirt that looks pretty technical

because 4-color process is not easy when printing on dark t-shirts. To top that off, they went with a gold outline. That is what I call blog worthy because they are pushing the envelope by not going for the cookie-cutter print.

If you don’t know about Flying Coffin

, they have t-shirts, hats and even skateboard decks. This print actually goes along with a series of skateboard deck designs for Manik Skateboards . They have a style all to their own and it fits with the Seattle atmosphere. Good collabo on a limited run.

UNDRCRWN X Obama (0)

Published on January 11th, 2009. By

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I had to wonder during the Presidential election process if the Obama tees were going to be a short term trend or if they had long term legs. Apparently there is some more juice to be squeezed from the fruit because UNDRCRWN

keeps bringin’ it – Obama style. The latest is an inauguration shirt inspired by basketball legend, George “The Iceman” Gervin and Honest Abe. The t-shirt touts equality and has President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address printed on the back. The image on front has double meaning with the appearance being similar to the Abe Lincoln Memorial and the Ice Man sitting on his ice throne. There is a lot of symbolism with equality being the message. Check it out at UNDRCRWN :

FAQ Has Minimalist Style (0)

Published on January 4th, 2009. By

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What kind of look would your t-shirt line have if your educational background was in architecture? More specifically if your architectural style was minimal in nature? Enter FAQ

, the first t-shirt line that we are aware of, by a professionally trained architect.

Sam Iravani graduated from a Los Angeles based architecture school last year and decided to get into the t-shirt biz. His t-shirt designs reflect the same minimalist style that he gravitates to in his other career of architecture. The look is a blend of 80′s retro in the newly popular Kanye styled colors. This should be a brand, if marketed correctly and hustled properly, that could grow some legs.

Press Play Fashion Forward on Homage (0)

Published on December 19th, 2008. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .

One of the blogs I regularly visit just posted a good interview with the Homage Clothing

line founder.  It was written by Christopher Truth over at Press Play Fashion Forward .  Christopher is known for spittin’ the truth at PPFF along with Mick Boogie, Terry Urban, Mike and others.  You may recognize two of those names, Terry and Mick, from the recent Viva La Hova remix/mashup of Jay Z and Coldplay (instant classic!!!).

The interview with Homage

strikes a chord right now because it is all about the hustle.  The founder, Ryan, started the line in his basement and is now being stocked in retail boutique stores globally.  He started small and scratched his way up.  For the rest of the information, you have to go read the interview.

Models Love Cake (0)

Published on December 14th, 2008. By

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One of the trendiest prints you can create in street wear t-shirts is a black-and-white photograph of a female.  Just being able to do that though does not guarantee sales.  You have to come up with something cool to go with the picture.  Sugarcraft

has eloquently done just that by stating the obvious – Models Love Cake.

I’m giving them a hard time because their shirts are on fire right now.  I’m fairly certain that Model Loves Cake is a double entendre, and probably can be interpreted into about 30 different meanings.  Either way, I want the shirt.  And as an added bonus that only T-shirt connoisseurs would care about, they used 15 different screens to create a black-and-white photograph.  That is nothing short of amazing.

And you just thought slapping a black-and-white photograph of a girl on a shirt would make you rich…

The Hundreds X Lost Boys = Major Success! (0)

Published on December 12th, 2008. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .

I am going to let the pictures do the talking on this one. Head over to The Hundreds blog

and see the pics for their brand new release of The Hundreds/Lost Boys collabo . They sold out at every store by the end of the day. That’s crazy!!!

Shaun White Has Tees (0)

Published on December 10th, 2008. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .

In honor of Shaun White’s

Snowboarding video game in transit to me for Christmas, I checked to see what other goods he had. I had a feeling that I would find t-shirts in his online store and I just wanted to see what kind of designs he was working with. I figured there would be more selection than what was available. There are four options and they’re all from The White Collection by Burton . I guess the upside is the specialty prints because they had a true all over print option and one with gold foil print.

The Hundreds X Lost Boys Collabo (0)

Published on December 8th, 2008. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .

Did you know that Disney

could be street too?  They can when it comes to this collaboration with The Hundreds.  The founders of The Hundreds have always been infatuated with The Lost Boys from Peter Pan and were approached by Disney to produce some street offerings.  Bobby Hundreds says in the video that it’s the largest project they have had as a brand.

A side bonus in the video is getting to watch graphic designers from Disney talk about the process of creating new characters for this project.  You can see a few images with Mickey Mouse having three eyes in the background.  I wonder what that was for?  Either way, pretty cool vid, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished products.


from Bobby Hundreds on Vimeo .

KIKSTYO – The Sneaker Nuts (0)

Published on December 3rd, 2008. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .


markets themselves as the community of sneaker nuts by sneaker nuts.  They might as well be t-shirt nuts too because they have several designs that are super fly.  The first t-shirt that really caught my eye was the one that took the splatter effect to a whole new level:

Looking a little further, I found quite a few tees that looked good and noticed that they’re having a Christmas sale along with every other online clothing shop.  They are based overseas, but it appears that they do ship internationally.  If you haven’t seen them before it’s time to look them up.

BBC/Ice Cream Store One Year Anniversary Tee (0)

Published on December 1st, 2008. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .

I know that we have all seen our fair share of long lines during the Black Friday madness,  but I had to post about this one because it is primarily t-shirt related. The Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream

flagship store in New York City had a line as long as a city block.  Much of this was in anticipation of the one-year anniversary t-shirt that they sold out of shortly after opening.

Check out the line that they commanded on Black Friday:

BBC/Ice Cream Flagship Store

BBC/Ice Cream Flagship Store

Here’s a picture of the one-year anniversary t-shirt on none other than the creator, Pharrell Williams


BBC/Ice Cream 1-Year Anniversary Tee

BBC/Ice Cream 1-Year Anniversary Tee

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