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About The T Addict

My name is Derek and I am a t-shirt junkie. That kind of feels like an introduction at t-shirts anonymous. If there were such a thing as TA, I would definitely be a regular member. Nothing feels better than receiving a soft t-shirt with a cool print at a great price. Well…that isn’t exactly true….receiving a soft t-shirt with a cool print for free is actually the best.

Yes, you read that right, we do accept free tees. It doesn’t mean that we will promote your goods but it does put you one step closer to a real in depth post. After all, having the schwag in front of us makes our life much easier.

Read it or don’t read it

Read and compare my blog to some of the one hundred plus t-shirt blogs

that are already out there and then make your own decision. My goal is to share my experiences and along with you become a more knowledgeable person on the t-shirt culture. You will find some of the best recommendations, critiques, artist, and t-shirt stores on this blog. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or comments by going to the contact page .

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