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Published on December 17th, 2009. By

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The T Addict is a sucka for t-shirt lists. This comes as no surprise to all 3 of my faithful readers. If you have been here since the beginning, you know that we like to show love to the blogs that take the time to create a cool list and post pictures of what they have found.

This time the spotlight goes on Threadspot for their list of funny heart t-shirt parodies

that are both clever and cool. What has probably been the most bootlegged copyright design in the history of t-shirts gets new looks that stay outside the realm of infringement through both parody and ingenuity.

Threadspot Heart tees

Funny list Threadspot. And as an added bonus to my fellow addicts….Andy at Hide Your Arms recently dropped the mother of all lists for heart tees

. Check it out also to get your heart t-shirt fix.

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