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Linty Fresh’s Tired of the City (0)

Published on November 13th, 2009. By

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Linty Fresh

has continued to release new t-shirts with the founder in China. The latest is called “Tired of the City ” and it goes beautifully with the rest of the brand.


As a special bonus in typical Linty Fresh style, it comes complete with a collector’s edition card of a poem to match. The design is done on a bright yellow shirt and features some pretty interested plumbing. A little closer look reveals the Linty Fresh name in that plumbing.

Once again we see Linty Fresh creatively and subtly working their brand name into the artwork. This is a pretty clever way to increase branding and recognition. It is certainly more artistic and less obtrusive than simply printing the name on the shirt in standard font. Check out a couple of other examples of this strategy used by Linty Fresh before:



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