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Shirtfight Changes and The T Addict Applauds (0)

Published on September 22nd, 2009. By

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is changing and for a very interesting reason.  They recently announced they were changing their business model as well as announcing what the new concept will be.  You really need to go to their blog post to feel the sincerity of their reasons.  Essentially, they don’t feel like they’re fostering the growth of artists in the way they had envisioned in the beginning.


This is probably the first time I have heard this argument coming from a business owner(s) and not the designer.  T-shirt design contests have been popping up left and right and I think we can all agree that the market has reached saturation.  However, no one forces a designer to submit his work.  It’s a great open forum to receive criticism, praise, and possibly some financial gain.  These sites have served as a springboard for quite a few designers that have now become very familiar names within the t-shirt design community.  A few wins at sites like Threadless

or Design By Humans can guarantee you a few easy layup wins at the smaller sites.

With all of that said, the reason why the T Addict loves the idea to change for Shirtfight is simple.  It’s time for change.  It is time for new t-shirt sites to quit copying Design by Humans and Threadless and start figuring out ways to capitalize on all of the overlooked artwork that deserves printing. Shirtfight might have just found it’s way.

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