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Jeffrey Kalmikoff Is Nude Again (0)

Published on September 16th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt News .

Does the T Addict have some Threadless

fans as readers? I think I just might. If you are a Threadless lover, keep reading. If not, keep reading. The Chief Creative Officer for Threadless as of the last 7 years, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, resigned last month . So…if he resigned last month, why am I posting about it now you ask?

Two main reasons. The first is because I just became aware of it. The second and more importantly is because he was just accepted a major position

at the all-star tech company of Digg . This is a major announcement for both Digg and the t-shirt community because it adds to our credibility and growing strength.

Is that egocentric of me to figure how his gain can be attributed to us, the t-shirt addicts? If you think so, then good for me.


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