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Camiseteria List at Abduzeedo (0)

Published on August 12th, 2009. By

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Recently GisMullr at Abduzeedo featured a list of 50 Awesome Camiseteria Shirts

and it was so comprehensive that I had to give it a shout out. Combing a site that size for the best of the best, not to mention making a list that long, is never an easy process and GisMullr did a great job.

For those who don’t know, Camiseteria

is a Brazilian site similar to Threadless that features user submitted designs. Like all great design, many of these shirts transcend language and cultural boundaries and can be appreciated by everyone. Here are my personal favorites which don’t require any knowledge of Portuguese…only a good sense of humor.


This one was really funny to see online because I didn’t get the joke until I had scrolled down low enough to see the deer. It’s definitely a winner and the details make it really shine.


This shirt is another one that’s pretty easy to enjoy purely for its sarcasm. I love the idea of a group of giant roosters standing around watching a couple of guys boxing. Regardless of any social message, it’s just funny.

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