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Ten Bills, Part 1 (0)

Published on July 31st, 2009. By

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Recently the T Addict received a couple of shirts from the company Ten Bills

. The shirts were pretty fly and gave the T Addict his fix so I decided to show them some love and tell you about it.

For those who don’t know anything about Ten Bills, their basic marketing strategy is to create fresh, original t-shirts and then sell them for only $10. They release a new shirt each week and they have quite a few hits. It’s a pretty cool idea since you can often find some real winners here and stock up without breaking the budget.

Here’s one of the shirts they sent me called Currency Logo with their name screen printed on it. Many times companies miss the point and waste the opportunity to get sick with it when doing logo’ed shirts. Ten Bills did not miss the boat on this concept. They created a very clean design featuring their logo with a mix of color and fabric working together.




It’s a pretty cool printing style and I really like the detail present on the bird. All in all this design is one of the more interesting branding shirts I’ve come across and it’s a good strategy to get people asking about what Ten Bills is.




Part 2 is coming soon and we’ll show another print they sent me where it gives me the chance to cover the quality of the tees and the print. You don’t want to miss that do you? I didn’t think so.

GoMedia T-Shirt Templates Vol. 2 (0)

Published on July 29th, 2009. By

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Ever since Go Media released their first volume of Arsenal T-Shirt Templates

designers and other consumers have been begging for more.  Well the wait is over; Go Media has just released their second volume and it features high quality HDR photography.  Users still have options for preset t-shirt colors, and other effects such as whether or not they want to use the flat or wrinkled version of the shirt.  Add in the fact that the new package also features photos of both front and backs of the shirts and there’s a lot to love here.


I hope see these getting some heavy use out there in the stores and presentations.  This package is easy to use and fairly priced.  There’s no more excuses for poor quality t-shirt design templates and mock ups!

Please Buy and Print This (0)

Published on July 24th, 2009. By

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Why has this design, Killer Arcade

,  not been purchased and printed yet? I found it 4 pages deep on Emptees and was shocked to see that someone hasn’t become the proud new owner of this bad boy. The designer is Josh Elowsky of TallCat Studios and he has a pretty sick port on Emptees.

It appears he regularly posts artwork for sale…this could be the beginning to a cool series fellow addicts:


The Black Axe Is Legit (0)

Published on July 21st, 2009. By

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If you haven’t heard of the Black Axe Blog

, I definitely suggest you check it out. The work that these guys do is simply amazing. I just found out about these guys yesterday when I was checking out You Design It TV for t-shirt videos and saw a tutorial that Godmachine did for Black Axe.

I clicked on through to Black Axe to see what these guys were made of and they have the goods. I immediately recognized the name Derek Deal from a recent Color Overload post

inspired by him winning the design of the day at Emptees. The other thing that makes for a great introduction to this design firm is their monthly review on their blog. They’re doing some work for some big names. I would tell you some of those big names but I think you should go see for yourself.

Let me leave you with a little bit of their artwork from the review to whet your appetite:


Inspired Magazine’s List of 20 Streetwear Blogs (0)

Published on July 16th, 2009. By

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I know this is the T Addict’s second referral post of a list this week. I’m not ashamed of it. Ain’t no shame in this game. I just think if I can help spread a list that will interest you or help you succeed, then I’m gonna do it. This list is brought to us by Inspired Magazine and it features 20 streetwear blogs

that should be in their own folder of your RSS feed reader.

You can check them out to stay trendy, get inspired, or see what not to do. You really can’t go wrong by getting a hold of these blogs in your feed reader.


Designs For Sale List At PCT (0)

Published on July 15th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

Liz at Pop Culture Tees

just posted a very solid list of t-shirt designs that are currently for sale.  I know from experience that this is how many successful t-shirts lines acquire their next released masterpiece. They troll the web for something that catches their eye and purchase it or commission the artist for an custom exclusive design. Ain’t no shame in that game!

That just leaves the designing up to the designers and gives the line owner more time for marketing/selling. It’s an added bonus when you get a designer that has printing experience and can provide you with the color separated artwork for the printer as well.

Check out the list at PCT because I’ll bet they don’t stay on the market very long!


Shirt Fight and The Knuckle Collision (0)

Published on July 11th, 2009. By

, under Cool Tees .

I hate doing me-too posts, but I have no choice on this one. The T Addict really hearts the Knuckle Collision T-shirt on Shirt Fight

. I first saw it on Coty’s blog and instantly wanted to have it. I think he is right when he says this may be the best design they’ve had so far.

The hands are pretty gnarly and the lucha libre masks on the thumbs are the icing on the cake. I like the halftone pattern in the design and knowing that soft plastisol ink is being used really helps with the ink coverage being so big. The shirt will be printed on the American Apparel mint color and the print colors are pretty awesome. Sick design Yonil

and great tee Shirt Fight.


Ript Apparel is Rippin’ It Up (0)

Published on July 8th, 2009. By

, under Cool Sites .

I have to admit, the T Addict is pretty impressed with the quality of the artwork being printed by Ript Apparel

. The colorways are strong, the themes are cool and the placements are varied. These guys are new to the scene but they are looking like some old pros with staying power.

They are based out of Chicago like the other t-shirt juggernaut Threadless

. They are more built like TeeFury offering a shirt-a-day and then retiring the design after that day. Here are a few of my faves they’ve recently offered:

This first one was my theme pick. It pays homage to the Fear and Loathing style of design.


I like the placement on this one and the ability to stay with just one color.


The colors on this one go perfect together. I rarely see a light yellow shirt that I have to have.


Electric Zombie’s Shock Wave Tee (0)

Published on July 6th, 2009. By

, under Cool Tees .

The T Addict just couldn’t pass this one up. The design is a little less zombie and much more electric considering a robot is strummin’ the strings something fierce. It’s kind of hard to have a zombie robot although it I’m sure it has been tried before. But I digress….

The design by Electric Zombie

is making some shock waves on Emptees right now with a ton of positive comments making it the design of the day. The added bonus to this design is the fact that you can actually purchase the printed version at the Electric Zombie site. All too often the designs on Emptees don’t make it to fabric and die in obscurity. Not the case here.

You can click on the image to get to the EZ store page

for purchase:


Don’t Get Caught Wearing This Tee in Dubai (0)

Published on July 2nd, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt News .

Is this for real?  According to Perez Hilton

, a man in Dubai was arrested for wearing this Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, t-shirt designed by Marc Jacobs.  As you can see, the shirt is only suggestive and doesn’t actually show any nudity.


The man purchase the shirt on a recent trip he took to New York City and just got sentenced to a month in jail for wearing it.  He will also be deported back to his home country of Lebanon after his jail term.

The shirt was actually created for skin cancer awareness.  It makes you wonder if he purchased the shirt for the cause or because Posh wasn’t wearing any drawers.