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Zombie Stars Are The Celebrity Undead (0)

Published on March 20th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .

These zombie tees keep getting better and better.  One niche that’s been born out of the zombie style, is taking celebrities and showing us what they would look like as the undead.  I’ve posted about the “Hip Hop is Dead” shirt

from Word Apparel before in this next one takes it to another level.  It comes to us by the way of Zombie Stars , designed by Brandon Heart .

The amount of detail in the design is amazing with the use of shading and color gradients to catch the lighting.  You can practically see the bling pop off his grill.  Although I’ve never seen a zombie in real life, this has to be what it would look like.  Especially if that zombie had one of the best-selling albums of 2008.

Apparently the plan behind Zombie Stars is to release a new undead celebrity tee each month. I’m looking forward to see what is next. Hell of a job on the first one!

Hat tip to Emptees

for the find

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