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Carioca Salt Has A Theme (0)

Published on February 10th, 2009. By

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As the Taddict was sifting through the e-mails he receives from various t-shirt lines, he came across one that piqued his interest. It was one from a guy named Adam Dunning, who created a t-shirt line called Carioca Salt

based out of Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  After being hit with the video on the home page of the website and looking at the overall theme, there was no doubt this guy had a passion for his brand.

Here is an excerpt from the e-mail he sent me:

“I needed to create a brand which pays homage to the vibe, buzz, and intense sexuality of Rio, mixed with a bit of true Carioca beats, and a lot of retro.”

That is a mouthful when describing your printed wears.  Now you can see why I had to click through to check it out.  Once there, you could easily see the effort and time spent on the quality of the site design and the video.  Everything had a similar look and feel and did a great job of selling the essence of the tees.

One suggestion I have for Adam in this era of social media is to load the professional video up on Vimeo

and YouTube to get more mileage out of it. Just slap your logo on it like a watermark and start driving the traffic back to your site.

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