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Jimiyo Goes Full Time with DBH (0)

Published on February 26th, 2009. By

, under Design by Humans .

I’m a little late to the party on this one but I just saw where designer extraordinaire, Jimiyo, has been hired full time at Design By Humans

. He is taking on a position that requires him to relocate to Irvine, Cali as the Art Director. This is a great example of the world being flat and that you can be noticed everywhere with a combination of some hustle, skills and the internet. Looks like this will be a great addition to an already solid team at DBH.

Good luck and congratulations Jimiyo


Staple Design Tees for Spring 2009 (0)

Published on February 25th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .

I just saw two shirts on Mash Kulture’s

post about Staple Design’s offerings for Spring 2009 . One is cool because of the technicality of the all over print and the way it works so well with the shirt. It appears as if the Earth is melting. A statement on global warming perhaps? Either way, a cool theme and even better execution.

The other shirt is one that every screen printer and designer should get a kick out of. Someone finally went ahead and printed the PMS book on a shirt.

Images Via Mash Kulture

GodMachine – Tee of the Day @ Emptees (0)

Published on February 24th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

Coincidence or conspiracy? The Taddict is gonna have to go with coincidence when it comes to Godmachine having the tee of the day at Emptees

and on the same day as being in the Designer Spotlight . Hell of a day if you ask me.  ;)

Collision Theory Gets Abduzeedo Love (0)

Published on February 23rd, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

The very popular AJ Dimarucot

, a.k.a. Collision Theory, got some design love today on the equally popular design blog, Abduzeedo. He was one of the features in their list of 50 Mind Blowing Retro Style Photoshop Illustrations . You should recognize his designs from seeing them before but they are always worth another look. Check out the article by clicking on the images below:

Spreadshirt Raises Money in this Economy? (0)

Published on February 23rd, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt News .

This isn’t normally the cup of tea that I write about but I couldn’t pass up the info. Spreadshirt

, as I’m sure that you already know, is a custom t-shirt shop provider that competes with Zazzle and Cafepress but is originally based out of Germany. According to a TechCrunch report , they just closed a funding round of €10 million. That’s very impressive in this down economy. What isn’t impressive however, is the fact that they just had layoffs because their growth was only 40% instead of the expected 50-80%. When is 40% growth not good enough???

Designer Spotlight – GodMachine (0)

Published on February 22nd, 2009. By

, under Designer Spotlight .

Who’s in the designer spotlight this week? None other than one of the most gruesome designers in high demand right now, GodMachine

. He hails from the UK but his designs and skills are known worldwide. It’s his time to shine, let’s see what makes his future so bright.

What is your favorite part of design?

finishing a piece and being happy with what you have done…it doesnt last though. After a while of living with a piece, the faults, changes and mistakes grow…’i could have done this better’, ‘the lines there are wrong’, ‘the colours are off’ etc etc. So, for that brief moment after you finish a piece is my fav’ part of designing, the point where you stop worrying for 5 seconds and go ‘ahhhhh sleep’. But that 5 seconds is followed 5 seconds later with ‘shit- I have to do that other design in two days’….and it starts all over again. I love it though.

How would you describe your style?

erratic and confused. I would say that I am still learning how to draw and learning. My style seems to be a bit of everything and I cant tell if its through me being bored or over excited and wanting to try everything…I would like to think that I will one day settle on a style…but then it seems limiting almost. Most people say I have a style…and I suppose you could tell which were mine out of a line up… I think I like to try lots of different ‘styles’ so i can learn how things work and why people do certain things. Maybe its like singing, you can sing country, blues, doom or rap- but you can only sing those things in your own voice…does that make sense, probably not.

What inspires your work?

so many things, colour, composition, lines…its really hard to say as there is so much. cats!

What are five websites that you can’t live without?


What trends do you see developing in the future of t-shirt design?

i think its going to get more satanic- grim as f***. Or…it will get …nah- satanic as hell- gross blood guts death gore etc. etc.

URL: GodMachine

GoMedia Get Malevolent (0)

Published on February 19th, 2009. By

, under Go Media .

To my designers out there reading this…..Go Media is a must in your design toolbox. A few quick glances at their portfolio and client roster should get your attention. Then cruise their blog, GoMediazine

, and brush up on your skills. You can’t ever learn enough and sometimes you may just find a better way to accomplish a task.

I picked up a few tips as they showed us their design flow from a primitive sketch to a polished vector. Get some by clicking on the pic:

The Hundreds Spring 2009 Tees (0)

Published on February 18th, 2009. By

, under The Hundreds .

The Hundreds just released images of their brand new Spring 2009 tee collection

. In typical Hundreds style, you get quite a few obscure references with the cartoony feel. My favorite is the color blind test on a tee:

Then we have “Muerte” and “Primitive”:

What are your thoughts?

MyInkBlog X Blake Poutra (0)

Published on February 17th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt News .

Found another t-shirt post crossover

in the general design community. It again comes from Blake at You Design It and he informed us that he has a monthly guest gig on the growing design blog, MyInkBlog . Again, we had to remind him that we wouldn’t mind a little guest posting here as well and he agreed to bring it this week. Looking forward to that but in the mean time….

Miles to Go Is Already There (0)

Published on February 16th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Spotlight .

So you think you’re tired of skull t-shirts? it’s probably because you’re just tired of seeing the same old ones.  I had one sent in to me that’s impossible to not like.  Miles To Go Clothing

was generous enough to give us the Muerte Dulce and the shizz is LEGIT.  The first thing the Taddict thought when opening the package was “what?!?”. It was better than I had expected.

For starters, I’m a sucker for oversized prints.  This design brought new meaning to oversized.  Not only that, they ventured out and used discharge ink’s to accomplish the color.  Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me show you the obligatory picture of what was included in the package.

They included their free stickers and threw in a coupon to foster repeat business.  Mixing in promo codes with your product is something important that most people are not doing.  It could be just enough influence for the next purchase.  It’s a great way to create fans of your product by making it easy for them to purchase from you again.

The skull artwork is obviously the focal point and deserves to be with the popular ornamental design details.  The colors go together beautifully between the print and the black t-shirt and kind of reminds me of a tattooed style.

You know the Taddict is all about the details and these were not forgotten on this.  It featured a custom sewn-in label with the Miles to Go brand and a hang tag for some polish.

All in all, this clothing company has a bright future as far as I’m concerned.  It is both high quality and high cool.  I want to share the promo code of friends to save you 20% off on your next purchase.  In fact, do that now.

If you are launching a new line or just a new product in an already existing line, contact the Taddict

on how to send in a t-shirt for review.

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