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Word Apparel Photo Shoot (0)

Published on January 15th, 2009. By

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Last night we took the pictures for Word Apparel, and it couldn’t have gone better.  Levi came by The Taddicts photo studio and brought two of his friends – Kelsey and Mark.  I’m convinced after looking at all the photographs that Kelsey isn’t capable of taking a bad picture.  Now comes the fun part…we have to process all the images and prepare them to go on the online store for Word Apparel.

For those of our more recent viewers, we took these images for Word Apparel

in an effort to help them be more successful.  One of our resolutions for 2009 as The Taddict is to get more involved with clothing lines and provide as much assistance as possible.  In other words, we want to get our hands dirty.

Take your last look at their current images on their online store, because they won’t be there for much longer.

I also thought I would leave you with a sneak peek at two of the blooper shots from the photo shoot.  That’s Kelsey just clowning around a little bit. :)

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