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Go Media Vector Packs Are the Truth (0)

Published on December 4th, 2008. By

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I know that title sounds a lot like I am going to set you up for an affiliate post, but that is hardly the case.  I was just casually browsing the Internet at some of my favorite sites and read a post by 5 Ones

about the Grenade Gloves shoes coming out in Spring ’09 .  They definitely look cool, but that isn’t why I am posting about shoes on a t-shirt blog.

The reason I am posting about the shoes is twofold.  For one, I am a fan of the brand because I can appreciate the creativity with their whole theme of being grenade/military related. The main reason however, was that I immediately recognized part of the artwork on the shoes and it surprised me a little. They definitely used clip art from a Go Media wings vector pack

.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look for yourself:

Grenade Glove Shoes

Grenade Gloves Shoes

Wings from Go Media Vector Packs

Wings from Go Media Vector Packs

There is a slight change in the circle, but the wings are the same and the overall look is undeniable.  I know some will frown upon this because the artwork wasn’t created from scratch, but I would like to point out the positive.  I just want the up-and-coming t-shirt designers and clothing line creators to see that they have access to some of the same resources as the big dogs.

I also want to give props to Go Media

for continually pumping out solid vector packs that are good enough to be considered in major clothing lines.  And for the record, I will be buying a pair of these shoes at launch.  ;)

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