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Is This a Budding T-Shirt Dynasty? (0)

Published on November 11th, 2008. By

, under Design by Humans .

Two of our favorite companies to write about are Design By Humans

and Tee Fury .  It’s no secret that they are littered all across this t-shirt blog because of their superior t-shirt prints and sick t-shirt designs.  They were both the second major players in their niche with Design By Humans successfully following Threadless ‘ trail and Tee Fury taking the Shirt.Woot path.

Being second is not a bad thing at all.  Please don’t misconstrue this post as anything negative, it is actually quite the opposite.  These two companies have come out of the starting blocks, running like Olympic athletes.  Obviously, the market was not saturated, and they have done a great job of grabbing up market share so that the next me-toos can’t be so successful.  Recently, they formed a partnership since their business processes are not competitive and their marketing hits the same audience.

Ironically, both companies are located in Irvine California.  This makes the partnership more convenient or might make a conspiracy theorist think that the owners are the same.  If in fact the term partnership is being used loosely and the owners are the same, then these guys might just be the next t-shirt dynasty.  As far as not disclosing to everyone that they are one in the same, don’t blame the player… blame the game. :-)



Design By Humans

Design By Humans

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