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TypeTees, But Why? (0)

Published on November 9th, 2008. By

, under Threadless .

I have to apologize for being late to the party but I just found TypeTees

from Threadless this weekend. How long has it been since it was launched? It appears to me that it has been up since June of this year but I can’t figure out their plan for this one. Sure, there are some clever t-shirts with type only messages but why would Skinnycorp start a whole new site for them.

The most simple explanation I can think of would be to separate the type tees from the graphic t-shirts by putting them on a separate domain. That is definitely bringing a tank to a knife fight because they could have easily continued to give them separate space on the Threadless domain. Is there a big enough niche/fangroup for type only tees that they will visit TypeTees instead of visiting Threadless? I am just scratching my head on this one….



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