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Cool Artwork Tutorial for T-Shirt Printing (0)

Published on November 7th, 2008. By

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We spent so much time looking at t-shirts, and the designs that go on them, we feel it’s important to learn more about the process.  One of the things that we always thought was fascinating about t-shirt printing, was how the artwork went from the computer screen to the t-shirt.  This artwork tutorial from VectorTuts

explains and visualizes the artwork part of the process called “color separations”.

The tutorial shows step-by-step how to take vectored artwork in Adobe Illustrator and create your own color separations.  Why is this important?  The main reason they push for t-shirt designers to do this themselves before sending the artwork to a printer, is to proof their work. They mentioned a few telltale signs went looking at the separations to determine if a mistake was made in the final draft of the t-shirt design.

Color Separations for T-Shirt Printing

Color Separations for T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirt Design Tutorial

T-Shirt Design Tutorial

It is definitely worth a look and even a try if you have some artwork in Illustrator to play with.

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