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I have been wanting to write an in-depth post about the various resources that I have come across on the Internet for starting a T-shirt line.  These different resources vary from a blog post series, a blog devoted to the subject, and an e-book that has just gone live for sale.  There is definitely a demand for the subject and we are glad to see that people searching on the internet will have options for education on the process.

While there are probably many more options than we are going to write about, we wanted to share three completely different resources as examples of ways the subject can be tackled.  Please share with us in the comments section any other t-shirt line resources so that we can start a growing list.

T-Shirt Line Ebook

Gino Orlandi, the owner of multiple successful blogs ranging from overall design

to t-shirt design has just compiled a very lengthy e-book on “How to Start a T-Shirt Line” .  The table of contents looks very promising, and the sheer length of the e-book should indicate that there are quite a few nuggets within. The book is on sale for $37, and it wouldn’t take much to be worth that amount as an investment for your t-shirt line’s future.

The only concern I have, and this was also brought up at the T-shirt Review Blog

, is the experience by the author of actually starting a t-shirt line. He actually has a t-shirt store with Big Cartel but all of the products are listed as “Coming Soon”.

Nevertheless, the proof will be in the pudding, and we will just have to wait for the reviews to find out.

How to Start a Clothing Company Blog

The “How to Start a Clothing Company” blog

is the brainchild of Jonathan Kruse and he is the owner of Mediocore Clothing . This blog is put together very well and provides some real-world insight with interviews from independents who have started t-shirt companies.

The major benefit to this site is the price you pay to get all of the information.  That price is $0.  It covers some of the business aspects, and even gets some opinions and information from the heavy hitters in the t-shirt industry like Threadless.

A must-read in our opinion because you have nothing to lose.

How to Start a T-Shirt Line Series from You Design It

You Design It is a t-shirt screen printing

company that has a t-shirt design blog and they are in the process of doing a series on how to start a t-shirt line .  This series is obviously in its early stages and is probably the least in-depth.  We still recommend visiting it and adding the blog in your feedreader, because hopefully they will add more information in the future.

There you have it, three completely different resources on the same subject matter.  All three provide a different angle and should be used in collaboration.  Please include any others in the comments section that you are aware of and we didn’t cover so that we can start a growing list.

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