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INSA X A Tribe Called Next (0)

Published on November 30th, 2008. By

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A very advanced artist with extreme skills for quite a few different mediums has just introduced a new t-shirt design. London-based Insa

produced this design for the folks at A Tribe Called Next and the colorways really set it off.



Johnny Cupcakes Thanksgiving Coupon (0)

Published on November 28th, 2008. By

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Just a little something from me to you to spread a little holiday cheer:

Johnny Cupcakes Thanksgiving Coupon '08

Johnny Cupcakes Thanksgiving Coupon

Coupon from Johnny Cupcakes

T-Shirt Designer Spotlight: Robbie Lee (0)

Published on November 27th, 2008. By

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We got another t-shirt designer spotlight and this guy is a good one. Take a second to learn what makes Robbie Lee tick…

What is your favorite part of design?

The initial sketch is my favorite part of design, but I like the revision part, too. Those are the phases where decisions are made, and art is all about making decisions.

Also, if putting faces on things is part of design, I like that, too.

Robbie Lee - T-Shirt Designer

Robbie Lee - T-Shirt Designer

How would you describe your style?

Little stories that are sweet, funny, and/or sad.

What inspires your work?

Other people’s art: I really like Keita Takahashi, the sculptor and mastermind of the video game Katamari Damacy, who wants to make art that makes people happy. So I try to do that, but much of my work involves happiness despite the fact that we live in an imperfect world.

Seeing other people do great work inspires me, too. For example, I just started reading Isaac Asimov’s robot stories. Last night I read that he actually coined the term “robotics” in one of his stories, and I got really pumped up to work hard. I also get the same feeling when I watch Stop Making Sense, read about Warren Buffett, or look at a comic book illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz or David Mack.

What are five websites that you can’t live without?

Nothing too inspirational here- I check college basketball sports sites and the news and the fake news at CNN

and The Onion . Also, Emusic is a great resource I visit monthly for my music needs. I HIGHLY recommend it if you haven’t tried it- everything from new indie stuff like Animal Collective to “older” indie stuff like Pavement. But mostly I just visit the sites where I have shirt designs submitted to see if I have comments, etc. (woot , uneetee , threadless , springleap , teefury ) or to see what’s printing that day/week.

What trends do you see developing in the future of t-shirt design?

I see the ability to draw well become less and less important in art and design, which is both thrilling and frustrating. I also see more and more upcoming artists flocking to tee shirt design- it’s incredibly rewarding to have such exposure. Finally, I imagine at some point tee shirt sales will slow down because after everyone already has 20 shirts, the average collector will grow more selective.

URL: http://www.robbielee-illustrator.com/

Portfolio: http://www.robbielee-illustrator.com/tshirtstuff/tshirtpage1.html

CafePress Does Not Raise More Money (0)

Published on November 25th, 2008. By

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What kind of title for a blog post is that?  Well, let me explain.  TechCrunch

, the premier internet/tech news blog, mistakenly reported that CafePress raised their third round of funding from Sequoia Capital to the tune of $8 million.  CafePress quickly responded saying that the news article was incorrect.  TechCrunch did the noble thing and blamed it on their source – PEHub .

The funny thing about all of this is that TechCrunch speculated and elaborated on all the reasons why CafePress secured another round of funding in the original article. They went on to say there was international expansion and a need for cash reserves to weather the recession storm.  They even went a step further and questioned CafePress’ claims of profitability.

Let me sum it up for you….Egg on Face. :-)

CafePress Does Not Raise Money

CafePress Does Not Raise Money

Geeks and T-Shirts Go Together (0)

Published on November 25th, 2008. By

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Saying geeks and t-shirts go together is just like saying anything and t-shirts go together.  It is hard to find anyone that doesn’t appreciate a nice soft t-shirt.  T-shirt popularity has grown so large nowadays that even the geeks have their own niche market.  I recently came across to popular blog posts centered around geeks and t-shirts.  And since everyone is a fan of lists, it’s easy to enjoy these.

The first is called 15 Awesome T-Shirt Websites for Geeks

by Lee Munroe.  Lee is a freelance web designer from Ireland , and a self-proclaimed geek who loves t-shirts.  In his world, being called a geek is the same thing called cool.  Good for you Lee, and here’s a screenshot of his post.

15 Awesome T-Shirt Websites for Geeks

15 Awesome T-Shirt Websites for Geeks

The other post is an oldie but goodie, and comes from the t-shirt industry blog

by You Design It.  I first found this one on the homepage of Digg back in February and it inspired me to be a list master for my shot at being Dugg. Quite a few comments on this one with the last number at 44.

11 of the Nerdiest T-Shirts Only Geek Would Wear

11 of the Nerdiest T-Shirts Only Geeks Would Wear

Go Media and the 47 Essential Resources (0)

Published on November 24th, 2008. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

Most of you are familiar with Go Media

and their design blog – GoMediaZine . They burst onto the scene a few years ago and have really set the pace at being a premier design agency.  One of their fortes is t-shirt design, as they are regular winners at t-shirt design contests and provide design for some of the biggest bands and brands. They regularly blog about t-shirt related subjects and provide templates for independent designers, along with multiple, useful vector packs.

In a nutshell, if you haven’t read between the lines yet, they are at the forefront of the t-shirt community.  Undoubtedly, this was a major linkbait piece, but a very useful one nonetheless.  They have certainly earned a link and referral for this one.  Click on the screenshot below to go to the article, 47 Essential Resources for T-Shirt Designers


47 Essential Resources for T-Shirt Designers

47 Essential Resources for T-Shirt Designers

Dale Murray Wins at Threadless (0)

Published on November 24th, 2008. By

, under Designer Spotlight .

One of our favorite T-shirt designers that we have featured in an interview

and pushed his artwork for Design by Humans , just won a print at Threadless .  Dale Murray is definitely making a name for himself in the t-shirt design world.  There is almost nothing else we can say about him because we have covered him so many times before and that is one of the highest compliments we can give.

Take a second to give it a looksy and go ahead and buy one while you are there. Remember…..”scared money don’t win”.

Dale Murray - Winning T-Shirt Design At Threadless

Dale Murray - Winning T-Shirt Design At Threadless

Sell You and Your Brand Sells Too (0)

Published on November 21st, 2008. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .

In our previous post about The Hundreds doing something radical

and gaining a cult following in doing so, we illustrated an example of a brand’s reflection of its employees/founder.  We wanted to follow up and provide another real world example of a growing t-shirt line, Linty Fresh , doing some pretty cool things as well.

Linty Fresh

Linty Fresh

The interesting thing about our idea to put them in the spotlight is the founder, Eric Terry, did the thing again that we were going to talk about. He posted another video about himself and his company in response to an e-mailed question that was sent to him.  The video series that he is creating

is the example that we were going to give about selling your brand by selling yourself.

Producing clever videos really put a face to his clothing line and it helps build up his fan base.  It is a platform for him to show his likable personality and provide yet another reason for people to purchase his t-shirts.  All he has to lose in creating these videos is time, and you can tell he enjoys what he does.  Check out his videos, and buy a t-shirt or two while you’re there.

*While we were preparing this post, we came across another t-shirt blog post referring to the Linty Fresh video #5

.  It was by way of the You Design It blog and they were not only giving props to Linty fresh, but also trying to offer some help.  Something as cool as that would have never happened had he not put himself out there and created a video.

This is a great example of the t-shirt industry coming together to help each other out. You can check that out at their t-shirt design blog

, or you can design t-shirts at their website.

The Hundreds Has Street Cred (0)

Published on November 20th, 2008. By

, under T-Shirt Lines .

Do you want your brand to be viral? Do you want your brand to reflect a certain coolness without trying to convince people that you are cool? Then quit talking and start walking. The brand, The Hundreds

, has enough street credit to buy a block. You could learn a lot about gaining a cult following for your brand just by tuning into their story.

The most recent post showed them tagging a concrete wall with a pretty sick Hundreds logo. I am not encouraging unlawful activity because we don’t know if they own that wall or not. I am encouraging you to do things that are radical enough to make your brand stand out. The Hundreds

get a ton of free mileage out of being themselves and broadcasting it through their blog.

Put them on your radar and stay with us on this concept, we have more examples coming…

The Hundreds

The Hundreds

Pop Culture Tees Does It Again (0)

Published on November 19th, 2008. By

, under General .

We all suffer from our fair share of filler posts in the world of t-shirt blogs.  About the only way to get past the rut of short and simple posts is to really sit down and take some time.  Liz at Pop Culture Tees

just did exactly that.

The concept behind her post is How to Make Your T-Shirt Shop Stand Out and Sell More

.  This is definitely a subject matter that could have been broken up into multiple post to drag it out longer, but she knocked it out…all in one punch.  She broke it down into a very readable format, included real world examples, and provided pictures to illustrate everything.  The t-shirt industry just got better today.

Props go out to Liz for her hard work; so please take a moment to get schooled in the t-shirt shop basics.

How to Make Your T-Shirt Shop Stand Out and Sell More

How to Make Your T-Shirt Shop Stand Out and Sell More

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