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Creative Magic for Electric Zombie (0)

Published on October 31st, 2008. By

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I understand not all of you care about the design portion of the t-shirt making process. It is a part that I am hooked on because that is where the magic happens. I want to feature a video about creating an Electric Zombie

design so you can see the creative process unfold.

In the video Ray Frenden is working on doing an illustration for the clothing line “Electric Zombie”.  EZ’s creative director, Kyle, told Ray to go wild and come up with a rough sketch that he thought fit with the company image.  Ray came up with a great initial zombie design and the rest of the video takes us through the process of editing and altering that design to get it to the final product that would appear on the shirts.

One of the most fascinating decisions made comes early on in the tutorial in which Ray decides that in order to fill some ‘negative space’ (empty area) he needed to add a spinal column.  This idea was then altered to change the spinal column from a veiny structure to one with wires running through it.

Be sure to check out this great tutorial.  Not only will you have fun illustrating a zombie, but you’ll get to learn tons of new stuff about color choices, halftones, layering, and shadows.

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