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Gold Foil in t-shirt design (0)

Published on July 11th, 2008. By

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A small round up of some of the more popular gold foil designs (in no particular order)

Turn Nocturnal – Punctuation

One of my favorite gold foil prints. I really dig the way these guys use typography in their products. Including their latest with Sans-Serif on Black



Design by Humans – Two Candles Skull

Shirt of the day winner July 8 – A pretty wicked design with incredible detail for a gold foil design. DBH is the master when it comes to printed specialty designs.


Oath Threadline – Loyalty

From the guys at Oath Threadline comes this Loyalty design. Meant for inspiration or a daily reminder to stay loyal to ______? either way its a great niche shirt with a positive influence. Limited edition print, sold out on black, and only a few sizes left on the white.



Black Sea Apparel – Live Posi Die Happy

Available on purple

and black . A sure fire way of showing your an optimistic person while being fashionable at the same time? Crazy eyes this guy has……. stop looking at me!

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