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My shirt.woot Independence derby pick (0)

Published on July 3rd, 2008. By

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This derby

is expected to end today (sorry for the late post) but you still time to vote (1pm est I think).

Derby guidelines:

  1. Independence Theme
  2. Design must be on a Red, White, or Royal Blue shirt.
  3. May only use one ink color, but it may be any color.


has a history of over looking great designs (one reason I don’t follow the derby’s as much) so if this one doesn’t make it,  I hope someone else will pick it up .

My pick
EPIC Teen Independence by ChrisRisse


Artist notes: “I chose to depict the moment in a teenager’s life when he receives his license.”

I really love the Star Wars Poster style this design has. It is very unique and creative and is one of the better idea’s and designs I have seen in this derby. Good luck Artist Chris Risse


notable mentions:

Declaration of Independence

Loose the Training Wheels

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