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A closer look at the man behind user dcastle8183 (0)

Published on June 13th, 2008. By

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Last week you were introduced

to user dcastle8183 from DBH for having some awesome talents with the below shown submission. Since then,  I have asked this user (who’s name I now know to be Derrick Castle of Nashville Mafia ) to write up a short description to better introduce himself to his fans, including myself.

Hey ya, Derrick here. I’m a designer and have been in the industry
professionally for 10 years. I have been interested in design since I
was a wee little child, drawing pictures of Popeye and anchors on my arms at a very early age. I have spent the majority of my professional career working in the corporate office culture as a graphic designer. In my evening hours I have done works for numerous client such as Hank Williams III, The Crickets of Buddy Holly fame, Sk8grl Merchandising, CoolGirl Decks, Double D Records as well as many other mom and pops.
I’m currently trying to get my Merchandising brand, “Straw Castle” off the ground.

The Straw Castle

brand is tapping into a lot of my different
influences. I can find influence in many a strange places… whether
it be food, drink, sleep or culture. One of my biggest influences has
come from the tattoo culture through personal heroes such as Sailor
Jerry . You will see a lot of traditional tattoo designs influences
carried through in my work. I’m also inspired by music, in many
different genres, particularly Eastern European Gypsy. I think one of the reasons I like this style is because their sound is so eclectic.
They use many different types of instrumentation from different places and cultures. Like this style of music, I find my self trying to weave different combinations of style and cultures into my design work.

I have few different goals in life, the Straw Castle

brand being one.
I’m currently pushing out as many designs as I can, to cement my niche in the tee design community. I’ve presented some of my work to communities like emptees.com and designbyhumans.com the past month or so and have gotten pretty good feedback. I feel like I have around 10 design concepts in the Straw Castle style that completely kick ass but its been a matter of just getting started. I’m pushing my first design out there to see if there is a market for my style and to be able to finance the rest of the designs. So far it has been a long illustrious career but in the words of The Carpenters “We’ve only just begun…”


Here is Derricks first design for newly launched store Straw Castle titled “Thus Be Judged”. Looks awesome! Yours for $15.99

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