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Featured artist spotlight Alfonso Nava – aka Alnavasord (0)

Published on April 3rd, 2008. By

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Alfonso Nava (aka alnavasord) is a wonderful graphic designer, oil painter and illustrator that has become one of our favorite t-shirt artist here at taddict.com

(along with others). I recently had a chance to ask him a few questions and he was kind enough to take the time to answer them.

Where do you find inspiration for your artwork?
When I was an adolescent I was very observant of the colors in nature and all that surrounded me. This today still plays a big part in my inspiration and dreams.

I noticed that most of your designs are on threadless, is threadless your web site of choice when it comes to submitting designs? If so, why?

Threadless is an important web site for the T-shirt market but it is not my first source to submit designs… but I do enjoy the web site. 

What happens to the artwork that doesn’t get printed?
Many designs are overlooked in these competitions, more so when there is money involved. I have been fortunate in finding other customers to print the work that is over looked but I know to many designers this is a pain.

Can people commission you for designs?
Sure, I have worked for many companies and now make most of my money as a freelancer and not only for t-shirt designs.

Most often I have noticed that the best designers out there, including yourself, don’t have their own shop. What are you reasons for not selling your own designs?
In my case, I have not been able to create my own store for lack of funds due to a family restaurant (Brasa y Fuego) being moved to another location which has been with my family for many years. I already have created my mark of clothing, but the time hasn’t come for me to obtain specifics such as cost of shipping internationally, PayPal accounts, credit cards etc..



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