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threadless rocks on customer service (0)

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has a no non-sence way of doing business and telling you exactly what you want to hear without all the p.c. scripted crap. I recently place an order for two shirts, both said it had 1qty left in my size (which i was skeptical). One style they had the other they didn’t – and because of the database inventory error they refunded me the cost of the 2nd style (not in stock shirt) and sent a coupon for $5 in my favor! You rock threadless

"have some good news and some bad news.
Bad news first. Due to a discrepancy in the stock numbers in our database
and the actual number of shirts in our warehouse, we are unable to fulfill
the following item in your order:
X Large Sagestone The Young Explorers Society Guys Tee
We have refunded your card $12.50 for the item and its shipping costs.
Now for the good news. Because of this we are issuing you a $5.00 coupon
for you to pick out a new shirt! You can either check out the site now
and find something else or you can put in a reprint request for the item
you wanted and we\’ll email you when we print another batch."
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