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Taddict X Word Apparel – New Pics Live (0)

Published on January 22nd, 2009. By

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The new pictures are on and poppin’ at Word Apparel

.  As we have mentioned before, we helped Levi at Word Apparel take new pictures and prepare them for an overhaul on his store.  It didn’t take a lot of time or effort, and it made a huge difference.  See for yourself, here is the original store screenshot:

And here’s the new and improved Word Apparel online store:

The next thing we’re going to do in our mission to get more hands-on with new clothing lines, is help him achieve more exposure across the interweb.  We’re going to do that through a few unconventional methods by reaching out to a few outlets that you wouldn’t expect.  We are going to do this by identifying potential markets for his customer base.  Stay locked into The Taddict and we will keep it comin’!

Word Apparel Photo Shoot (0)

Published on January 15th, 2009. By

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Last night we took the pictures for Word Apparel, and it couldn’t have gone better.  Levi came by The Taddicts photo studio and brought two of his friends – Kelsey and Mark.  I’m convinced after looking at all the photographs that Kelsey isn’t capable of taking a bad picture.  Now comes the fun part…we have to process all the images and prepare them to go on the online store for Word Apparel.

For those of our more recent viewers, we took these images for Word Apparel

in an effort to help them be more successful.  One of our resolutions for 2009 as The Taddict is to get more involved with clothing lines and provide as much assistance as possible.  In other words, we want to get our hands dirty.

Take your last look at their current images on their online store, because they won’t be there for much longer.

I also thought I would leave you with a sneak peek at two of the blooper shots from the photo shoot.  That’s Kelsey just clowning around a little bit. :)

T Addict X Word Apparel – New Pics (0)

Published on January 13th, 2009. By

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This is just a little teaser for the first thing we are going to do with Levi and Word Apparel. He is bringing his wears to our photo studio tomorrow nite so we can get some better pics on his store

.  We can’t wait to show you the before/after and the reasoning behind this first step. Much more to come….

Taddict X Word Apparel – The Introduction (0)

Published on January 5th, 2009. By

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When the Taddict was game planning for the new year, an idea had crossed his mind to go a little deeper into the t-shirt world. Up until this point it felt like too much of the same thing was being regurgitated across the t-shirt blogosphere and I wanted to change some of that. I wanted to give back to the community that I have a passion for and scratch a little further than the surface. Before I tell you the plan, I want you to understand one thing……t-shirt bloggers don’t blog for the fame and fortune. I have seen t-shirt bloggers come and go as soon as the affiliate and advertising riches don’t come pouring in as they expected. There is nothing wrong with getting paid and offering advertising as long as your heart is in the right place. Some of the sites that are great at this are Coty Gonzales

, Hide Your Arms , Cottonable , and Pop Culture Tees to name a few. However, what we’re about to announce will bring us no financial gain whatsoever. So what is it already? Drum roll please…..

We are going to partner with a clothing line, Word Apparel

, and help them as much as possible in their early stages. Why are we doing this if there is no money to be made for the Taddict??? Because the Taddict feels like he can make a difference and make some waves for those hustling hardcore for their brand. Levi Hardeman, the founder of Word Apparel, is a great example of starting small and creating a future for his line. This will go far beyond a simple link or two. We want to suggest improvements, chronicle the production, show the decisions, and overall help the grind that takes place towards t-shirt greatness.

In other words, we are adopting Word Apparel and going to give them a series spotlight in the upcoming weeks and releases. This series will be mixed in with our regular posts and there really isn’t a schedule at this point. We are going to let the real flow of growth and priorities decide when the next post in the series will be. All we can say is stay tuned…..