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The Hundreds Spring 2009 Tees (0)

Published on February 18th, 2009. By

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The Hundreds just released images of their brand new Spring 2009 tee collection

. In typical Hundreds style, you get quite a few obscure references with the cartoony feel. My favorite is the color blind test on a tee:

Then we have “Muerte” and “Primitive”:

What are your thoughts?

Limited Edition Bun B X Hundreds Release (0)

Published on December 30th, 2008. By

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Apparently, The Hundreds

can bring a crowd no matter what city they are in. I was hoping that my hometown would represent the street brand scene with pride and I wasn’t let down. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the pictures don’t lie.

This line began hours before the event at Premium Goods

in attendance started. Bun B was in attendance and couldn’t have been more accommodating and receptive. Bun B of UGK is big in Houston and has been in the rap game since the 80′s. That is some serious longevity.

I was able to get a shirt and a picture with Bun. As an added bonus, I am including a sneak peak at the Taddict himself.

The Hundreds X Bun B….Coming Up (0)

Published on December 30th, 2008. By

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I was able to make it over to the limited release of Bun B X Hundreds tee this past Saturday. It was held at Premium Goods in Houston. I will be posting the pictures later today so come back and see how much of a hit it was.

The Hundreds X Bun B in Houston (0)

Published on December 24th, 2008. By

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Living in Houston, I rarely get the opportunity to actually be in the mix for something special like this. I am so used to writing from the sidelines that I have canceled some prescheduled Christmas plans to be at Premium Goods

for this event. The fam will have to wait because who could miss a limited edition Hundreds and Bun B collaboration that spins the old Astros logo?

Check back on Saturday for all the pics and news!