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Abduzeedo Highlights Awesome Designs (0)

Published on March 1st, 2010. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

Let me take a little time to spread some blog love by sending you t addicts to the awesome t-shirt design list

that Abduzeedo just posted. The variety is good and the quality is high. There’s sumpin’ for everyone on this list:


To the designers that made the list, congrats! You deserve it. Make sure your clients see that and appreciate your work even more!

How To Get The Zombie Look (0)

Published on February 10th, 2010. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

Like this look for a t-shirt design?


Image from Forcg.com

If so, then you’re not alone. The zombie design style has been around for the past two years and has been staying strong. For those of you who are new to design or have never tried the zombie style, Forcg.com has created a great tutorial

on how to do just that.

Check it out to see what artwork you can turn into the undead.

GoMedia T-Shirt Templates Vol. 2 (0)

Published on July 29th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

Ever since Go Media released their first volume of Arsenal T-Shirt Templates

designers and other consumers have been begging for more.  Well the wait is over; Go Media has just released their second volume and it features high quality HDR photography.  Users still have options for preset t-shirt colors, and other effects such as whether or not they want to use the flat or wrinkled version of the shirt.  Add in the fact that the new package also features photos of both front and backs of the shirts and there’s a lot to love here.


I hope see these getting some heavy use out there in the stores and presentations.  This package is easy to use and fairly priced.  There’s no more excuses for poor quality t-shirt design templates and mock ups!

The Black Axe Is Legit (0)

Published on July 21st, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

If you haven’t heard of the Black Axe Blog

, I definitely suggest you check it out. The work that these guys do is simply amazing. I just found out about these guys yesterday when I was checking out You Design It TV for t-shirt videos and saw a tutorial that Godmachine did for Black Axe.

I clicked on through to Black Axe to see what these guys were made of and they have the goods. I immediately recognized the name Derek Deal from a recent Color Overload post

inspired by him winning the design of the day at Emptees. The other thing that makes for a great introduction to this design firm is their monthly review on their blog. They’re doing some work for some big names. I would tell you some of those big names but I think you should go see for yourself.

Let me leave you with a little bit of their artwork from the review to whet your appetite:


Designs For Sale List At PCT (0)

Published on July 15th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

Liz at Pop Culture Tees

just posted a very solid list of t-shirt designs that are currently for sale.  I know from experience that this is how many successful t-shirts lines acquire their next released masterpiece. They troll the web for something that catches their eye and purchase it or commission the artist for an custom exclusive design. Ain’t no shame in that game!

That just leaves the designing up to the designers and gives the line owner more time for marketing/selling. It’s an added bonus when you get a designer that has printing experience and can provide you with the color separated artwork for the printer as well.

Check out the list at PCT because I’ll bet they don’t stay on the market very long!


Black Eyed Perez T-Shirt Design (0)

Published on June 28th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

This is an absolute must see design! The biggest pop news item this past week before the unfortunate celebrity deaths of MJ and Farrah Fawcett was that of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton being punched in the face

by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas’ manager. Perez went  on a tear for days after the fact which included creating  a very emotional video that has been applauded and mocked depending on which side of the fence you stand on the issue


(the artist who brought us Zombama Brains ) wasn’t going to just stand by and let this cultural event pass us by without creating a commemorative tee design. Without further ado, I bring to you the masterpiece that is the Black Eyed Perez :


The Evolution of A T-Shirt Design (0)

Published on May 22nd, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

Thanks goes out to MashKulture

for bringing this one to our attention. The founder of the brand Fuct , Giorgio Di Salvo,  shows us how he arrived at a final t-shirt design that reaks of awesomeness. It obviously began as a concept in the designer’s head, was moved to paper and ultimately grew up to be a successful printed design. It was a collabo with Vanguard .

Check our the pics at MashKulture



Abduzeedo Picks Some Good Ones (0)

Published on May 16th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .


, a very prominent design blog, put together a  pretty good list of t-shirt designs they found. It was cool to look and realize that the T Addict hadn’t seen many of these before.  Some are great designs, some are clever and some conceptual. Either way, they don’t disappoint. It’s a solid list that’s worth a look.

Mr. Vector by Pop Culture Tees (0)

Published on May 4th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

In case you haven’t noticed, Liz at Pop Culture Tees

has been doing some big things lately.  Her most recent expansion is called Mr. Vector and it’s a high quality, royalty-free vector artwork packs.  A quick once over of the offerings and the T Addict is blown away by the low prices and crazy good artwork.  Congratulations Liz, we hope they sell like hotcakes!

Mr. Vector Artwork

Adobe Kuler Helps You Design T-Shirts (0)

Published on March 10th, 2009. By

, under T-Shirt Design .

I don’t think many people would argue that design is a very important ingredient for a successful t-shirt line.  It’s a main component in generating sales and knowledge in the area is a must.  With changing trends in consumer taste, you have to continually research the subject from all angles to keep up to speed.  Now I understand that not all of you are the actual designers, but your eye for the design is just as important.  I just came across an in-depth article on how you can determine what color schemes look best for your project.

As I was burning through my feed reader this morning, a tutorial from PSDTuts about the usefulness of the Adobe Kuler

tool caught my eye.  Their focus on this article was more for the full-time designer, who labors in Photoshop and Illustrator, but it can also be used for the t-shirt world as well.  The colors in your design can sometimes be the difference-maker or deal-breaker, depending on how well they match up with the theme.

Adobe Kuler

is a great way to find new color schemes or test the ones that you had in mind.  The beauty of the tool is that you don’t have to be a tech genius to use it.  Click on the image below to view the article and see how much easier it can make your next color scheme decision.

This guest post was brought to you by Blake Poutra, a guy from You Design It where you can design t-shirts


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