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See GoMedia’s Design Process (0)

Published on September 24th, 2009. By

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gives us a little looksy into their design process with their latest blog installment. This post is the beginning of a series on a sick metal band design and gives us a short summary of what is to come. We will be tuned in and give you a head’s up if they spit some linkworthy nuggets on t-shirt designing.


Go Media’s Designer’s Guide (0)

Published on March 19th, 2009. By

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Go Media has been on a tear lately when it comes to blogging about t-shirt design.  They even let you know about it in the opening paragraph to this article

.  They feature a lineup of folks in the know in the t-shirt printing industry.  The first subject they tackle is the t-shirt to the bottom trends in 2009.  They follow that up with the limitations of tee printing, a how-to on file preparation, a guide to printing methods, and a little pep talk in the end.

Good job getting these guys together, Adam.  Click on the screen shot to see the article.

GoMedia Get Malevolent (0)

Published on February 19th, 2009. By

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To my designers out there reading this…..Go Media is a must in your design toolbox. A few quick glances at their portfolio and client roster should get your attention. Then cruise their blog, GoMediazine

, and brush up on your skills. You can’t ever learn enough and sometimes you may just find a better way to accomplish a task.

I picked up a few tips as they showed us their design flow from a primitive sketch to a polished vector. Get some by clicking on the pic:

Taking The Shame Out Of Shameless Plugs (0)

Published on January 12th, 2009. By

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Alex Beltechi just posted a pretty cool tutorial on GoMediaZine about how to Create a Furious Pink Panther Poster

. He initially plugged the design he created that is being voted on at Design By Humans before he went into the meat of the tutorial. He referred to it as a shameless plug but I couldn’t disagree more because he just made me a better designer.

He turned a phenomenal t-shirt design that is getting some strong reviews at Design By Humans into a very worthy design tutorial for a different medium – posters. There is nothing shameless about doing a lot of hard work and getting rewarded for it. This guy is hustling his skills and I’m inspired by it. Not only is he bettering the same community that he is pedaling votes from but he is giving us all a little lesson in Marketing 101 while he’s at it. Alex, thanks for showing us a peak inside the design process and taking the time to lay it out for us.

The Taddict would like to ask his readers for your vote for Alex’s design at DBH

as a thanks for showing us how it is done.

Go Media’s Pointers for Working With Apparel Companies (0)

Published on December 29th, 2008. By

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Go Media has done it again by providing tips to designers for working with apparel companies

. These kinds of posts can be frequently found on the interweb and they are always good for a brush-up. You always seem to find a little nugget of information that you forgot or possibly didn’t know. The part about “know the company you are working for” really resonates with me because you get a pulse on their likes and dislikes. Having a feel for their taste can only make your job easier.

It is worth the visit if you haven’t already read the article. You can click on the screenshot to head over to the GoMediaZine.