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Convert CMYK to Pantone Video by VectorTuts (0)

Published on June 15th, 2010. By

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Have you ever had to go through the rigorous task of searching for a spot color to match your CMYK colors? If so here is a nice little two minute video on how to convert CMYK to Pantone© colors. This is a simple but detailed video tutorial for beginners in Adobe Illustrator CS4. It should benefit you the next time you need to send a design to your printer and are having a tough time making the color conversion.

Thanks to VectorTuts

for the cool vid!

200 Nipples Needs Your Help (0)

Published on February 22nd, 2010. By

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The T Addict loves it when a site genuinely asks its readers/customers for help on a redesign or suggestions for the direction of a business. 200 Nipples

has done just that in a recent post on their blog asking for help on a complete overhaul of their site.


They’ve put together a quick customer survey that should take you less than 5 minutes to fill out. Help them out if you can and tell ‘em the T Addict sent ya’.

Rubens Scarelli Has Years of Experience (0)

Published on February 3rd, 2010. By

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Rubens Scarelli

hails from Brazil and has been designing as a full time job since 1987. That fact alone means you should listen to what he has to say if you are interested in t-shirt design. While his skills aren’t exclusively used for t-shirt design, it has played a major part of his career since the very beginning over 22 years ago.

He was recently interviewed by Vectortuts

and they give us an inside peek into his design process. Typically his artwork begins as a sketch before it moves to the computer and begins the vectorization process. Nice interview, cool insight, and all around good read. Don’t miss it….


Smashing Magazine Covers T-Shirts (0)

Published on November 20th, 2009. By

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Any time t-shirts are mentioned in the mainstream blogosphere, the T Addict’s ears perk up a little. It’s nice to see when our world gets the recognition it deserves. It just shows that our community is growing and spilling over into some different genres.

Most recently, Smashing Magazine

did a mega-post showcasing online t-shirts stores . So why is this significant? Because Smashing Magazine is a beast in the design blog niche. They boast over 800k unique visitors a month, over 180k RSS subscribers, and over 85k Twitter followers. That what I call distribution fellow addicts!

You’ll also be pleased to see the sites that were covered in the article. We have featured many of them here on T Addict and recognize many more. Head over there

to see what I’m talkin’ about.

Will Ferrell Wears DBH (0)

Published on November 3rd, 2009. By

, under General .

The T Addict just received this little nugget in his inbox and wanted to be the first to post about it. In the Design By Humans

newsletter they included a picture of Will Ferrell wearing one of their more campy tees with a tree taking candy from a baby. Congrats DBH for the exposure! Congrats to the T Addict for being Quick Draw McGraw!


Coty’s Big List of Science Tees (0)

Published on August 28th, 2009. By

, under General .

Coty Gonzales recently posted a really awesome list of 101 Science, Geeks, and Nerds related t-shirts

. There are some really cool shirts in this list and 101 items on any t-shirt related list is always an accomplishment. If you love science, or know someone who does, check out these awesome t-shirts.


Shirt Fight Is Funny (0)

Published on August 19th, 2009. By

, under General .

Jud from Shirtfight

gave us a little funny drama last week on Emptees by parodying the conversation about another artist who admitted to copying artwork. He named his design “Robocop(y)” which is a very clever title considering the subject matter. Here is a look at the design:


The reference to “EZ” in the caption of the design is because in a previous thread

, a certain t-shirt line owner admitted to borrowing more than inspiration from previous pop culture iconic artwork.

The whole design/post was done in good humor and some of that was missed by those browsing. It wasn’t an attempt to “out” any designers as thieves, just make light of the situation. Too funny Jud!

410 B.C. Gets Props (0)

Published on May 29th, 2009. By

, under General .

The T Addict was at the mall the other day wearing his new 410 B.C. Medusa

shirt while grabbing a new pair of kicks. Someone stopped me to say how much they like my tee. They said it reminded them of Crooks & Castles and I had to reply “well that’s funny, because Crooks & Castles reminds me of 410 BC”.

ZINNNNNGGGGG! Score one for the indie brand!

Surprise Your Customers with a Gift (0)

Published on March 23rd, 2009. By

, under General .

In my days of covering t-shirts, I’ve seen quite a few gift products packaged in with shipped tees. Typically it’s the standard sticker, flyer, or button.  In other cases I have seen cards and koozies. There are two accomplishments you should strive to achieve when doing a gift with one of your sold tees.  The first being function and the second being creativity.

Function is the most important, because if you can get your customer to use your gift repeatedly, then your brand will receive free advertising from the countless eyeballs seeing it.  Brand awareness can sometimes be the big difference maker in your sales if your product is good.  The more people that see your high-quality wears, the more that will buy.

Creativity is almost just as important, because you can create fanatics for your brand.  If they open your package and their only expectations are the t-shirt, but then receive an added bonus that makes them smile….then you’ve just hit a home run.

If you can find a way to combine both function and creativity, then you’ll have a customer for life.  Referrals from your newly converted brand evangelist is the easiest money you’ll ever make.

Get Ready for Co-Tee TV (0)

Published on March 17th, 2009. By

, under General .

Coty Gonzales

has been straight en fuego the past couple months when it comes to t-shirt blogging.  He just announced today that he’s changing the name of his Glorious Nonsensities tee review show to the easier said Co-Tee TV.  And like the social media gangster that he is…he is blasting this out to all the video sites and even pushing his vid through iTunes .  If you haven’t heard about Coty before, then get ready because you will.  The videos are well worth the watch, so quit wasting time and peep them.

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