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Vectortuts Gets Christian San Jose (0)

Published on March 24th, 2010. By

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Christian San Jose is one heck of a designer hailing from the Philippines. You have probably seen his work before on the various t-shirt design sites. His run during the DBH 10K contest was covered

by Coty Gonzales because of his innovative campaign to spread the word of his design. If you remember, he won that bad boy with a design called Mecha Labaw . Here is the design as a reminder:


Recently Vectortuts interviewed Christian

to see what makes him tick. Go check it out and see some more of his top notch work:


Matthew Skiff Interview at Vectortuts (0)

Published on September 14th, 2009. By

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With the amount of design mediums out there, it says a lot when a major design blog takes notice of a t-shirt designer.  This was the case with the recent interview

of an Emptees all-star, Matthew Skiff . You’ve inevitably seen some of his designs before if you have a set of eyeballs and know the difference between cotton and metal. Yes…his designs are that popular. I just decided.

Here are a few of his t-shirt designs:




Are you kidding me with those designs? He’s easily one of the top t-shirt designers out there which is why you need to see this interview to see what makes him tick. Check it out by clicking on the screenshot:


Mark Ward X Stussy Two For One (0)

Published on April 16th, 2009. By

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You know the T Addict is a fan of Mark Ward

after we first became aware of his design skills in a Burton collaboration. Well he’s back, and this time he’s doing his thing with the long-time brand Stussy . The reason why this happens to be a two for one….is because they interviewed him along with the three t-shirt designs he did for them.

I always like to highlight interviews because you get to peek into the designer’s mind and see what makes him or her tick. This Mark Ward cat must be a character because his artwork incorporates a lot of different features that are far from the norm.

One interesting thing about Ward’s design process, according to the interview, is that it is very normal. You wouldn’t guess that by seeing the end product. He says that often times he has to stare at the wall to find a new approach to his design concept. It just goes to show you that great design doesn’t come easy to great designers.

Defunkd Gets DJ AM to Talk (0)

Published on March 3rd, 2009. By

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Big news in the t-shirt blogosphere. Our street cred is rising with the most recent interview by Defunkd.

He managed to get DJ AM for a sitdown to talk about his addiction to vintage tees. DJ AM is famous for many things including dating Nicole Richie, being in CrazyTown, one of the most popular sneakerheads, a highly sought after dj, half of a pair with Travis Barker, and on and on. Where did he find the time to interview with Defunkd? An even better question is….who cares where he found the time? I am just glad he did for all of us t-shirt bloggers. We need more high profile publicity like this. Rock on Defunkd!