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Under your bed – great design sub at A-Better-Tomorrow (0)

Published on August 4th, 2008. By

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I still have a headache from trying to navigate this site but I did find one design I thought was worth mentioning. Design by Meta Mephisto


Camera Dude t-shirt design sub at ABT (0)

Published on July 28th, 2008. By

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Pretty sweet design from user bobsmade

Up for vote @ A Better Tomorrow

full detail

Interview with Phillip from A Better Tomorrow (0)

Published on July 22nd, 2008. By

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I recently had the opportunity to ask one of the creative minds behind the German t-shirt contest site A Better Tomorrow a few questions regarding this site and how things will work with United States customers.  Here is what he had to say:

We are happy that we already receive a little bit more attention overseas although we concentrate on the german market at the moment. A bit about ABT in general before i get to your questions.

ABT is all about our community. It is our strongest part and it is growing really well. People love the contest and for our rather smaller size, we have great designers getting involved.

Through our first year, 2007, we were only able to feature one shirt per month, we have extended this to one new shirt a week since a couple of months. Rather uniquely we offer small streetwear labels the opportunity to show and sell their stuff on our platform, too. We gathered 60 so called brandstores which follow that path. We dont make a lot of money with it, but users love it and it gives the platform a broader perspective.

We try to stay creative by releasing features like a new collaborative blog, called the ABT lab. We questioned ourselves, why shouldnt users be able to be more involved in the creative process of shirt idea generation. Anybody can sign-in and kick shirt ideas, designers can grab those ideas, give feedback, start working on them, etc.


It has not taken off yet but we believe it to be a clever idea. it might just need some time.

For the future, we are planning a multiple language site with extended user-centered features. The ABT users want the community. They want to hang-out more on the site and do stuff besides shopping. We love to see that. We also want to extend the possibilities for designers and the featuring of their work. We believe this to be the right strategy to reach our main goal: to become the best shirt shop in europe.

ok, sorry, i am getting excited when i get rollin on ABT…:-) You should know, that i started as a user and customer myself on ABT. I founded a social commerce startup myself, which turned out to be difficult to scale and so i joined Andre and Tim from ABT since i fell in love with the contest concept,the focus and their passion. Lets get to your questions.

Where are you shipping your products from exactly? How will this work
for United States customers?

ok, Shipping in Germany is free in general. For US, shipping is 7 Euros (11 bucks) up to 2 shirts max. UK 4 Euros. Delivery time anything between 4-14 working days. There shouldnt be any customs. If you order 3 or more shirts, it will probably cost you customs. Shipping is than 27 Euros (42 USD) to US, 17 to UK, up to 32 shirts max.

What is your payout for designs that win your contest?

We pay 500 Euros (780 USD) twice a month for the regular contest winner. We then choose two designs or more per month to become lucky looser designs. If the designer likes, we print it and he gets 2 Euros or 3 USD commission per sold shirt.

What brand apparel do you use to print your designs on?

Only AA or Continental Clothing. CC is similar to AA, quality might be a bit better but colour range is limited.

Can we except your company to open an English version of your site in
the near future such as the shop at Lafraise.com ?

One of our main goals for end of this year.

This site has gained a lot of popularity and even our fav artist Jimiyo has submitted one of his latest designs

. If ABT is moving forward with the multi language site as Phillip has stated, this can only make things better for both sides. In the meantime you can use Google Translate to register and once your account is active – you can kinda navigate the homepage and score some quality designs. Thanks to ABT and Phillip for taking the time to answer my questions.

Taddict fav Jimiyo submits first design to – A Better Tomorrow (0)

Published on July 21st, 2008. By

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has really expanded his submissions with his most recent one being at the German language site A Better Tomorrow. The design is awesome as always but it may take you a little more work to cast your vote.  Just remember to use google translate when you go register and everything will kinda fall in place. GREAT WORK JIMIYO!

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