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DBH 10K Final Four (0)

Published on August 21st, 2009. By

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With only a couple of days left to vote on Design by Humans

‘ second annual 10K design contest the T Addict would like to present the final four contenders. I don’t mind following th pack and posting about this (like every other t-shirt blogger on the web) because everyone wins with this kind of dough. I hope the coverage encourages all the other design contests to pony up some real jack once a year. Here’s what we’ve got for the final four:


This design by gloopz, called “SOS Straberry Flavour”, reminds me of a scene from 28 Days Later. The twist of course is that the guy in the biohazard suit is chowing down on an ice pop.


As soon as I saw this design, entitled “Twilight Rain,” I knew it was by CollisionTheory. It’s got the same trademark look we’ve all grown to love. Based on the description, and the title, it looks like this shirt might be a reference to movie.


“Journey to the City of No Horizon” by TangYauHoong is a really unique shirt. It’s cool how it runs the entire length of the shirt and uses the shirt itself so effectively as part of the canvas for the artwork. Very cool concept.


csj89′s “Mecha-Labaw” is a terrific all over print done as a massive representation of the Carabao, a type of Water Buffalo found in the Philippines. It’s really cool how the eyes stand out so much from the rest of the shirt.

So now that you’ve seen the Final Four hurry up and go vote on your favorite before it’s too late. Voting closes on August 23rd and according to DBH the shirts will be available for purchase on the day the winners are announced! At least we won’t have long to wait to snatch up these guys.

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