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Coty’s Big List of Science Tees (0)

Published on August 28th, 2009. By

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Coty Gonzales recently posted a really awesome list of 101 Science, Geeks, and Nerds related t-shirts

. There are some really cool shirts in this list and 101 items on any t-shirt related list is always an accomplishment. If you love science, or know someone who does, check out these awesome t-shirts.


Dobi Gets the Tee of the Day (0)

Published on August 25th, 2009. By

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The T Addict is a fan of the latest TOTD from Emptees

. What is that you say? Why no, I am not tired of zombies or zombie themed t-shirt designs yet. Get over it. As long as I see talent and hard work, I don’t care if it is unicorns eating marshmallows. Now that I think about it, I would like to see a zombie unicorn to unite the best of both worlds. Before I keep rambling any more let me show you the tee of the day by Dobi:


The only question I have is the font selection for the name of the band? Is that the standard font that Fall Out Boy requires or what? Otherwise, I think that part needs to be churched up a little bit. Please let me know if I am missing something here.

DBH 10K Final Four (0)

Published on August 21st, 2009. By

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With only a couple of days left to vote on Design by Humans

‘ second annual 10K design contest the T Addict would like to present the final four contenders. I don’t mind following th pack and posting about this (like every other t-shirt blogger on the web) because everyone wins with this kind of dough. I hope the coverage encourages all the other design contests to pony up some real jack once a year. Here’s what we’ve got for the final four:


This design by gloopz, called “SOS Straberry Flavour”, reminds me of a scene from 28 Days Later. The twist of course is that the guy in the biohazard suit is chowing down on an ice pop.


As soon as I saw this design, entitled “Twilight Rain,” I knew it was by CollisionTheory. It’s got the same trademark look we’ve all grown to love. Based on the description, and the title, it looks like this shirt might be a reference to movie.


“Journey to the City of No Horizon” by TangYauHoong is a really unique shirt. It’s cool how it runs the entire length of the shirt and uses the shirt itself so effectively as part of the canvas for the artwork. Very cool concept.


csj89′s “Mecha-Labaw” is a terrific all over print done as a massive representation of the Carabao, a type of Water Buffalo found in the Philippines. It’s really cool how the eyes stand out so much from the rest of the shirt.

So now that you’ve seen the Final Four hurry up and go vote on your favorite before it’s too late. Voting closes on August 23rd and according to DBH the shirts will be available for purchase on the day the winners are announced! At least we won’t have long to wait to snatch up these guys.

Shirt Fight Is Funny (0)

Published on August 19th, 2009. By

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Jud from Shirtfight

gave us a little funny drama last week on Emptees by parodying the conversation about another artist who admitted to copying artwork. He named his design “Robocop(y)” which is a very clever title considering the subject matter. Here is a look at the design:


The reference to “EZ” in the caption of the design is because in a previous thread

, a certain t-shirt line owner admitted to borrowing more than inspiration from previous pop culture iconic artwork.

The whole design/post was done in good humor and some of that was missed by those browsing. It wasn’t an attempt to “out” any designers as thieves, just make light of the situation. Too funny Jud!

Camiseteria List at Abduzeedo (0)

Published on August 12th, 2009. By

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Recently GisMullr at Abduzeedo featured a list of 50 Awesome Camiseteria Shirts

and it was so comprehensive that I had to give it a shout out. Combing a site that size for the best of the best, not to mention making a list that long, is never an easy process and GisMullr did a great job.

For those who don’t know, Camiseteria

is a Brazilian site similar to Threadless that features user submitted designs. Like all great design, many of these shirts transcend language and cultural boundaries and can be appreciated by everyone. Here are my personal favorites which don’t require any knowledge of Portuguese…only a good sense of humor.


This one was really funny to see online because I didn’t get the joke until I had scrolled down low enough to see the deer. It’s definitely a winner and the details make it really shine.


This shirt is another one that’s pretty easy to enjoy purely for its sarcasm. I love the idea of a group of giant roosters standing around watching a couple of guys boxing. Regardless of any social message, it’s just funny.

Ten Bills – A Bird In Hand (0)

Published on August 6th, 2009. By

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The last t-shirt spotlight I did was on the company Ten Bills

and it featured one of their logo shirts. Well, they sent me two shirts and you know what that means…two posts. In this post I wanted to spotlight another one of their t-shirts called “A Bird In Hand .”




A Bird In Hand is a pretty popular design and there’s a good chance that you might have seen this design elsewhere on the internet if you visit a lot of t-shirt related sites. As you can see the t-shirt features a robot and birds – two of the most popular images in today’s t-shirt design world. What makes this t-shirt so unique is the level of detail in the robot.




I love the red eye and transmitting antenna on the robot’s back. The fact that they added another color for these small details really stands out to me. The other interesting detail with this design is that there are ten birds on the shirt which is meant to represent ten bills. This is a cool, quality design and a great example of the kind of shirts Ten Bills produces.

Dripping In Fat (0)

Published on August 4th, 2009. By

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The T Addict caught himself sitting her thinking of a clever title when it hit him that the actual name does the trick just fine. I am referring to the t-shirt line Dripping In Fat

based out of the UK. They have one of the slickest t-shirt catalog sites on the web. Seeing a screen shot of their site on DesignFlavr made me click through to see more of what I was looking it. Very impressive bordering overkill.


Sometimes that is just the thing needed to get the eyeballs to your site. Mission accomplished if you ask me. But what do I know…I’m just addicted to tees.