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410 B.C. Will Make You Stare (0)

Published on May 11th, 2009. By

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“Don’t look too closely at this shirt, or you might turn to stone.” By the looks of it, you might think that the T Addict has already turned to stone with those rocks for arms. Ha! I kid, I kid. But seriously though, the Medusa is one cool shirt sent to me by 410 B.C.

If you haven’t heard of the brand 410 B.C., then you might just be a caveman/woman yourself. These guys burst onto the scene in 2008 and haven’t stopped running since. Their look is fresh, mixed in with a little punk. They also do a great job of being connected with their fan base by running a tight little blog and having outposts on all the big social sites.

I was fortunate enough to open a package the other day and find The Medusa

. The shirt is slick! It comes in my favorite color tee, black, and has appropriately subdued printing colors with shades of gray.

The shirt fit great and the oversized printing is pretty awesome. No wonder these cats were considered one of the best young brands of the year in 2008

by The Art of Apparel.

You know I had to flex or you wouldn’t have known how well the shirt fit.  :-) .

410 B.C. has a lot of good things going for them. They’ll definitely stay on our radar because they are continually putting out new gear and hustlin’ all over the web.

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