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AS Colour’s Little Help Project (0)

Published on March 26th, 2009. By

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If you have been thinking about starting a new t-shirt clothing line, would you like a $10,000 starter package to help you begin?.  The only catch is… you need to live in the Australasia area.  For those of you who don’t live in that area and are a little pissed that you can’t be involved, turn that frown upside down.  In the current economic climate, we all need to be supportive and give a little help.  And AS Coulour

, a T-shirt wholesaler based out of Australia and New Zealand, is doing just that.

I am hoping this kind of thing catches on with the t-shirt wholesaler’s across the world.  So what is it?  The Little Help Project

is a t-shirt design contest for the young designers in the Australasia part of the world.  The winner walks away with 400 t-shirts, custom printing and custom labeling to get their brand off the ground.  Entries for the contest close out this week, and they will be featuring those entries for the next month on their website. So Broder, Alpha, Staton, SanMar, etc….you guys need to take note and give back to the t-shirt designer/entrepreneur community that gives so much to you.

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