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Junk Food is SOOOOO Soft (0)

Published on March 9th, 2009. By

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A soft that can only be a result of years and years of wash and wear.  A soft where the ink feels like a part of the fabric and begins to crack in the places that add character to the design.  I am describing to you what a lot of people have made a staple in their t-shirt collection… vintage tees.  These are most commonly found at second-hand thrift shops and typically have some old school, obscure print like an 80′s hair band tour design.  These can be purchased for as little as a dollar and sometimes even up to a couple hundred dollars.  The downside to spending so much is that you get a used t-shirt worn by someone you didn’t know and sometimes there are reminders with the shirts.  Reminders like stains, odors, stretched areas, etc.

What if you could buy shirts like this that are just as soft, just as cracked, and still have a trendy old-school print on them?  Enter Junk Food Clothing

.  They recently sent me two tees to check out and I haven’t been able to take them off since.

I didn’t know what shirts were sent and it was funny to see the old Houston Oilers light blue when I broke open the package. The other tee brought me back to my childhood with Gargamel’s ugly mug printed on the front.  Included with the package was a little handwritten note on a themed card that was definitely an extension of the brand.

The Gargamel shirt was everything that a vintage humorous tee should be.  The colors and the print matched flawlessly to the fade in the pigment of the shirt.  You get the feeling the shirt was originally black, and after years of wear, it lost some color.  The only difference is, this shirt has never been washed or worn. They have perfected the science of creating vintage tees that have never been worn.

Junk Food opts for the sewn in label, and this is probably because the shirts are so thin that an inside print could possibly be seen from the outside.

Now onto my fave.  I was cheesin’ from ear to ear when I saw the original Houston Oilers tee. The only thing missing was a Christmas tree because it felt that good getting this shirt.  The light blue was just like I remember and the design was intentionally simplified to stay true to the design of the era.  Those are details that make the difference.

The cool thing about the actual print was how the coverage of the ink was so light, that it allowed the shirt to come through.  However, it was still dark enough to be very visible.  Needless to say, the shirts are a hit.

Junk Food

is carried in retail stores across the country and with select online retailers. You will find this kind of quality in every shirt they print.  Believe me, these tees are just as comforting as real junk food.

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