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Defunkd Gets DJ AM to Talk (0)

Published on March 3rd, 2009. By

, under Cool Interviews .

Big news in the t-shirt blogosphere. Our street cred is rising with the most recent interview by Defunkd.

He managed to get DJ AM for a sitdown to talk about his addiction to vintage tees. DJ AM is famous for many things including dating Nicole Richie, being in CrazyTown, one of the most popular sneakerheads, a highly sought after dj, half of a pair with Travis Barker, and on and on. Where did he find the time to interview with Defunkd? An even better question is….who cares where he found the time? I am just glad he did for all of us t-shirt bloggers. We need more high profile publicity like this. Rock on Defunkd!

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