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Published on February 6th, 2009. By

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I know what you’re thinking….what kind of parents name their child Killer Napkins? It’s a good question and you came by it honestly. However, his real name is Jason Spencer and designing is his game. The dude has some serious talent and it’s time the Taddict tells you about it.

What is your favorite part of design?

Well most of my design is drawing and illustration related. I love drawing and I love to create characters or scenes from my head; really twisted ones. Though my favorite part of ‘design’ would be color theory. Color theory interests me most and also sometimes leaves me with a lot of choices running through my head when I make a piece of art. And it surprises me which combination of colors will appeal to me or to others.

How would you describe your style?

Cute,warm, and fuzzy, but all in all it is mutated and deformed cartoonish gore. I like to keep things looking really weird and deranged, while still not going too far cross the line into straight up disgusting, but I like to keep it light and humorous.

What inspires your work?

I am going to have to say everything inspires me. Some things more than others. Looking at nature: animals, humans, wood grain, human deformities, trauma victims, etc. etc. really inspires my work a lot I must say. Also there is a list of other artist’s work that inspires me, to name a couple painters I really like would be, Chet Zar and Alex Pardee.

What are five websites that you can’t live without?


Hotmail (checkin’ emails)
Pornhub (nsfw) (anatomy study of course)

What trends do you see developing in the future of t-shirt design?

  1. Hoola Hoops I think will have another awakening soon.
  2. Digi-pets, though this time i think they may be more advanced, like holographic kinds, and you have to clean up holographic poops
  3. I think tieing your jacket around your waist will become popular again. I am trying to bring it back
  4. Pogs
  5. Yo-yos may have another go around. Who knows…

URL: Killer Napkins

Portfolio: Killer Napkins

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