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T-Shirt Designer Spotlight – Wotto (0)

Published on January 21st, 2009. By

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What better designer to have in the spotlight after Jimiyo than to have another master of t-shirt design, Wotto. Craig Watkins is his birth name and designing is game. See what makes Wotto run this shizz.

What is your favorite part of design?

It has to be doodling ideas and trying to pour the mess out of my head onto a page. It’s great when a design comes out on paper close to how I visualized it. It doesn’t happen often but that’s what makes it so golden. I think the drawing stage is very important, there are way too many ‘illustrators’ out their just tracing stuff and not actually drawing.

How would you describe your style?

Dark. I like to draw characters that have a narrative, a life of their own. I like to create little stories and lives for my creatures. I know it sounds weird.

What inspires your work?

What doesn’t? Pretty much everything I look at. Artist wise I get inspired by painters like Joe Sorrel and street art has always played a part in my art work.

What are five websites that you can’t live without?


Dekay Clothing
Design By Humans

What trends do you see developing in the future of t-shirt design?

I hope to see less 80′s inspired tees and I hope character design will remain popular. I donno about future trends, I try to steer away from mainstream design.

URL: Wotto

Portfolio: Wotto Tees

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