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T-Shirt Designer Spotlight – Sven Palmowski (0)

Published on December 11th, 2008. By

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Many of you will recognize this t-shirt designer’s online handle more than his actual name…..he’s a.mar.illo! You can barely go to a t-shirt site these days and not see his influence. Read what makes his design what it is:

What is your favorite part of design?

Favourite part of design, hm… probably when you are working on a design and at one point you get a strong feeling that it´s going to be a good one, sort of a certain consciousness that what you are doing right now will have success in the future. which is not always the case;)

How would you describe your style?

It contains a bit of Dada, a bit of irony and it has very peculiar esthetics.

What inspires your work?

There are many things that inspire me: music, movies, and of course other artists work. When new ideas are needed, the best is going for a walk, city or countryside, whatever and I had some really good ideas in the bathtub too, haha;)

What are five websites that you can’t live without?


Viste Adecuadamente

What trends do you see developing in the future of t-shirt design?

I think in the past 2 years the market for graphic tees really opened up for art and even combined art and mainstream. I think this trend will continue and allow to do even more abstract or minimalistic artworks for the mainstream. In a few years the whole thing might slow down a bit, back to plain colours with no prints at all… but after that little crisis start as a new hype again soon. This is what my crystal ball told me;)

URL: http://www.palmowski.eu/

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