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T-Shirt Designer Spotlight: Robbie Lee (0)

Published on November 27th, 2008. By

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We got another t-shirt designer spotlight and this guy is a good one. Take a second to learn what makes Robbie Lee tick…

What is your favorite part of design?

The initial sketch is my favorite part of design, but I like the revision part, too. Those are the phases where decisions are made, and art is all about making decisions.

Also, if putting faces on things is part of design, I like that, too.

Robbie Lee - T-Shirt Designer

Robbie Lee - T-Shirt Designer

How would you describe your style?

Little stories that are sweet, funny, and/or sad.

What inspires your work?

Other people’s art: I really like Keita Takahashi, the sculptor and mastermind of the video game Katamari Damacy, who wants to make art that makes people happy. So I try to do that, but much of my work involves happiness despite the fact that we live in an imperfect world.

Seeing other people do great work inspires me, too. For example, I just started reading Isaac Asimov’s robot stories. Last night I read that he actually coined the term “robotics” in one of his stories, and I got really pumped up to work hard. I also get the same feeling when I watch Stop Making Sense, read about Warren Buffett, or look at a comic book illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz or David Mack.

What are five websites that you can’t live without?

Nothing too inspirational here- I check college basketball sports sites and the news and the fake news at CNN

and The Onion . Also, Emusic is a great resource I visit monthly for my music needs. I HIGHLY recommend it if you haven’t tried it- everything from new indie stuff like Animal Collective to “older” indie stuff like Pavement. But mostly I just visit the sites where I have shirt designs submitted to see if I have comments, etc. (woot , uneetee , threadless , springleap , teefury ) or to see what’s printing that day/week.

What trends do you see developing in the future of t-shirt design?

I see the ability to draw well become less and less important in art and design, which is both thrilling and frustrating. I also see more and more upcoming artists flocking to tee shirt design- it’s incredibly rewarding to have such exposure. Finally, I imagine at some point tee shirt sales will slow down because after everyone already has 20 shirts, the average collector will grow more selective.

URL: http://www.robbielee-illustrator.com/

Portfolio: http://www.robbielee-illustrator.com/tshirtstuff/tshirtpage1.html

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