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Geeks and T-Shirts Go Together (0)

Published on November 25th, 2008. By

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Saying geeks and t-shirts go together is just like saying anything and t-shirts go together.  It is hard to find anyone that doesn’t appreciate a nice soft t-shirt.  T-shirt popularity has grown so large nowadays that even the geeks have their own niche market.  I recently came across to popular blog posts centered around geeks and t-shirts.  And since everyone is a fan of lists, it’s easy to enjoy these.

The first is called 15 Awesome T-Shirt Websites for Geeks

by Lee Munroe.  Lee is a freelance web designer from Ireland , and a self-proclaimed geek who loves t-shirts.  In his world, being called a geek is the same thing called cool.  Good for you Lee, and here’s a screenshot of his post.

15 Awesome T-Shirt Websites for Geeks

15 Awesome T-Shirt Websites for Geeks

The other post is an oldie but goodie, and comes from the t-shirt industry blog

by You Design It.  I first found this one on the homepage of Digg back in February and it inspired me to be a list master for my shot at being Dugg. Quite a few comments on this one with the last number at 44.

11 of the Nerdiest T-Shirts Only Geek Would Wear

11 of the Nerdiest T-Shirts Only Geeks Would Wear

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