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Sell You and Your Brand Sells Too (0)

Published on November 21st, 2008. By

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In our previous post about The Hundreds doing something radical

and gaining a cult following in doing so, we illustrated an example of a brand’s reflection of its employees/founder.  We wanted to follow up and provide another real world example of a growing t-shirt line, Linty Fresh , doing some pretty cool things as well.

Linty Fresh

Linty Fresh

The interesting thing about our idea to put them in the spotlight is the founder, Eric Terry, did the thing again that we were going to talk about. He posted another video about himself and his company in response to an e-mailed question that was sent to him.  The video series that he is creating

is the example that we were going to give about selling your brand by selling yourself.

Producing clever videos really put a face to his clothing line and it helps build up his fan base.  It is a platform for him to show his likable personality and provide yet another reason for people to purchase his t-shirts.  All he has to lose in creating these videos is time, and you can tell he enjoys what he does.  Check out his videos, and buy a t-shirt or two while you’re there.

*While we were preparing this post, we came across another t-shirt blog post referring to the Linty Fresh video #5

.  It was by way of the You Design It blog and they were not only giving props to Linty fresh, but also trying to offer some help.  Something as cool as that would have never happened had he not put himself out there and created a video.

This is a great example of the t-shirt industry coming together to help each other out. You can check that out at their t-shirt design blog

, or you can design t-shirts at their website.

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