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The Hundreds Has Street Cred (0)

Published on November 20th, 2008. By

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Do you want your brand to be viral? Do you want your brand to reflect a certain coolness without trying to convince people that you are cool? Then quit talking and start walking. The brand, The Hundreds

, has enough street credit to buy a block. You could learn a lot about gaining a cult following for your brand just by tuning into their story.

The most recent post showed them tagging a concrete wall with a pretty sick Hundreds logo. I am not encouraging unlawful activity because we don’t know if they own that wall or not. I am encouraging you to do things that are radical enough to make your brand stand out. The Hundreds

get a ton of free mileage out of being themselves and broadcasting it through their blog.

Put them on your radar and stay with us on this concept, we have more examples coming…

The Hundreds

The Hundreds

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