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Published on October 28th, 2008. By

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I am a big fan of two tools that we use daily to increase our growth and readership at T Addict. One is our analytics package that allows us to see where our traffic comes from so we can make sure we are catering to the right crowd. The other trusted tool we use daily is our feedreader for new products, announcements, and just to feed the t-shirt addiction we have. The reason that I mention these two key components for our growth is because we notice a little traffic was being thrown our way from TeeReader.com


We checked it out and were pleased to see that it is a public feedreader for t-shirt blogs

and t-shirt news . Right now it looks extremely simple and possibly unfinished, but I am sure they are going to move to an advertising model at some point. Either way, it is a great list of t-shirt blogs and we are glad to be featured on the site.

Tee Reader - T-Shirt Blogs and T-Shirt News

Tee Reader - T-Shirt Blogs and T-Shirt News

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