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Online retailers are lacking appealing John Mccain designs (0)

Published on October 2nd, 2008. By

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Yesterday I did a post titled "Top Barack Obama T-shirts

" and noted that I would do a John Mccain feature as well. Unfortunately I am finding this very hard to accomplished because the Obama craze has just pretty much over powered every online retailer that I have come across. Forget about finding a hip and stylish John Mccain t-shirts because most stores either don’t support John Mccain or are just feeding off the Obama fad and refuse to try and sell pro Mccain shirts. Karmaloop , Design by Humans , & UrbanOutfitters are just examples of online stores which do not offer any pro Mccain t-shirt designs but are well stocked with pro Obama designs. Sure there are designers out there that have John Mccain designs such as this one (see below) from Derrick Castle – but the likelihood it will make it as a print is fairly low considering. Of course I can find hundreds of simple designs on sites such as CafePress and Zazzle but none of them are up to par with the Top Obama shirts. Is this failure because these stores are trying to make their political opinion known or are they just not appealing to their customers and only care about what is selling. Where the hell are all the good Mccain shirts!?

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