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Tcritic.com starts an artist series line of t-shirts (0)

Published on September 12th, 2008. By

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Congrats to Tcritic .com

owner Karl Long for his most recent endeavor to have his own line of T-shirts. This is the start to a unique line of t-shirt designs from indie artist that truly have talent. This design features an Obama head on a Peez dispenser with the text “Prez” (for President). I am not a fan of political designs myself but there is a large audience for this type of design and wish Carl the best of luck. I have been mentioned on Tcritic in the past and glad to pay him the same respect.

Mediocore Clothing is looking good.. (0)

Published on September 12th, 2008. By

, under New Designs for sale .

It was a slow start for Mediocore Clothing

at first but they stuck it out, got their designs printed and have since made several steps forward. You might remember this store from one of their opening designs that had the text “Live every week like its shark week “. This for awhile this was one of their best designs in my opinion, but this changes today with the pre-sale of Soakers n’ Skulls design. Great design indeed and can be yours for $19.99 on a pre-order basis. Also if you are an RSS subscriber check your feed footer for an exclusive coupon code.

Seibei.com retires Kitten Apocalypse t-shirt design (0)

Published on September 11th, 2008. By

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Think the baby jebus if you have already gotten one of these awesome t-shirt designs from Sebei

because unfortunately the design has been retired as of today. Luckily i got my order in during David’s (the mind behind seibei) birthday celebration sale .



i’m getting rid of KITTEN APOCALYPSE for now. E-mail me if you want one. I realized last night that I no longer enjoy printing it at all. I’ll be shipping out all current orders, of course, but none after that.

Thriftee catalog and new pricing at Threadless (0)

Published on September 9th, 2008. By

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Remember back when threadless decided to go the route of every t-shirt should have a price based on the type of ink, print size etc

? Well supposedly they realized it was a bit to confusing and have reverted back to the every t-shirt on a certain line will have a certain price. For instance all select tees will be $25, all type tees will be $15, and all threadless tees will be $18.

Also they have announced a Thriftee catalog. Basically instead of having a rotating t-shirt design as a thriftee, there will be designs at or around this sale price on the catalog.


read full story here

Design by Humans 10k contest Top Ten announced (0)

Published on September 9th, 2008. By

, under Design by Humans .

Yesterday the top picks of the DBH 10,000 t-shirt design contest were announced and to no surprise some of my favorite artist have made the cut. Congratulations to all that made it! Now remember votes have been reset for this round, so go vote again damn it!

Here are the top ten:top

Who do I think will win? Check back tomorrow when I announce my pick!

A bunny that loves to bathe in blood T-shirt design from Glarkware (0)

Published on September 8th, 2008. By

, under New Designs for sale .


I love this nice addition from Glarkware

titled “Jack the Rabbit “. Reminds me of the killer bunny in the Mighty Python movie (see video), even though Glarkware doesn’t reference it. Also make sure to read the description the guys at Glarkware have written for this design, kinda funny.

Maybe if the Lord knew what assholes lambs actually are, he’d have chosen to describe his only begotten son as the “ocelot of God.”


Face of Capitalism by Go Ape Shirts out now (0)

Published on September 5th, 2008. By

, under New Designs for sale .

First previewed this shirt early last month

now its up for sale by Go Ape Shirts . Click the image for full detail or go purchase one by going here .

T-shirt artist Jimiyo is back @ TeeFury today ! (0)

Published on September 5th, 2008. By

, under TeeFury .

My guess is that this one will sell out like some of his previous TeeFury designs

. Hurry this design want last long!

Finally a FTSK winner @ Design by Humans (0)

Published on September 5th, 2008. By

, under Design by Humans .

About fucking time they announced a winner of their Forever The Sickest Kids contest

. Many artist were left in the dark while waiting on a winner to be announced . This design was suppose to be on sale for Warp Tour, but that has been over for a while now. Something I don’t quite understand is the cash prize given to this design, its almost like its just a standard shirt of the day $750 winner when its suppose to be a whole prize pack, including $1000 . Maybe its just a type-o?

Congratulations to Incarnadine for winning today’s Shirt of the DAY award of $750 with the grand “Eternally, Always, Forever The Sickest Kids!” t-shirt design!

Linty Fresh monthly contest announced (0)

Published on September 4th, 2008. By

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The ever growing and successful site Linty Fresh

(from artist Eric Terry) has decided to offer its fans a nice little monthly photo contest. Simply upload up to one photo a day of you wearing some Linty Fresh gear and you will have the chance to win a Linty Fresh prize pack! Cool eh? Details below

A monthly photo contest. It’ll be based on a Flickr group which I’ve just launched (flickr.com/groups/lintyfresh

and will be available for folks that want to strut their LF gear. In turn, the submitter of the best (most creative, funny, classy, etc) photo of the month will win a prize package. This package will increase in value as the competition gets a bit more heated, but for now it’s worth:

1 shirt
1 belt
1 button pack (customizable packs are coming soon with 22 new designs)

The winner will be announced at the start of each month, so they’ll be able to choose from the new releases if they like. There are only 2 stipulations:

-At least one LF item must be present somewhere in the photo
-Only 1 pic can be submitted per user per day

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