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A few Design by Humans designs to vote for (0)

Published on September 24th, 2008. By

, under Design by Humans .

Candy cannon by daleedwinmurray

Probably one of the most under rated artist that I have seen lately. Dale’s work

is unique and creative and would love to see more work from this artist printed.


Awkward Charm by jimiyo

Another great design from the every so famous jimiyo

(Jimmy Benedict)  This to me is not his usual style (which is nice) and seems like he is taking some inspiration from user matihole (Matheus Lopes) with this piece. Absolutely love it!


What is Inside A Girl by dcastle8183


Nice concept from Derrick Castle (dcastle8183

) and I really like this guys style. Here is a quote if you are wandering where the design concept came from.

Haven’t we always wondered what is inside a girl? My mother told me it was sugar and spice but I don’t believe her. Some people have to find out for themselves…

Couloured fire dragoon by conker

A somewhat new artist to the scene but has been around on DBH for some time. I think the whole breathing out whatever design has been done before but this is a very nice take on that concept. Also look at the placement, it would truly make an awesome printed tee.

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